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Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies | Dr. April Vance, Department Chair, Legal Studies

Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies | Dr. April Vance, Department Chair, Legal Studies

What's the difference between an associate's and bachelor's degree in the legal field? Dr. April Vance discusses the benefits of an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies degree and how it differs from the Bachelor of Legal Studies program.

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My name is April Vance. I am the Interim Department Chair for the Legal Studies Department where students are engaged in pursuit of an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at South University. The Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies Degree is different from the Bachelor's of Science and Legal Studies Degree in that it provides a quicker way for you to enter into the workforce as a paralegal profession.

One degree typically takes the student two years to achieve, and that would be the Associate of Science degree. We have certain core classes that students are required to complete. This may include Family Law. Students are also engaged in the study of Introduction to Legal Ethics. And finally, students also do an externship where they are required to complete 120 hours of practical experience in a legal office to prepare them for becoming the paralegal that they hope to be.

So come, bring your previous life experience, your knowledge, your interest, your prior education, but come with the expectation that you are going to find professionals who really want to help you achieve this goal.

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Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies: 92 Credits
Area I General Education Requirements: 40 Credits
Professional Development
ITS1000 Computer and Internet Literacy, 4 Credit Hours
UVC1000 Strategies for Success, 4 Credit Hours
Basic Communications
ENG1100 Composition I, 4 Credit Hours
ENG1200 Composition II, 4 Credit Hours
ENG1300 Composition III, 4 Credit Hours
SPC1026 Public Speaking, 4 Credit Hours
Mathematics and Statistics (choose one)
MAT1001 College Algebra I, 4 Credit Hours
MAT1005 College Algebra II, 4 Credit Hours
MAT1500 College Mathematics, 4 Credit Hours
MAT2058 Statistics, 4 Credit Hours
Natural Sciences (choose one)
BIO1020 Biology I, 4 Credit Hours
BIO1021 Biology II, 4 Credit Hours
CHM1010 General Chemistry, 4 Credit Hours
Arts and Humanities (choose one)
ENG2002 World Literature I: From the Ancient World to the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
ENG2003 World Literature II: From Enlightenment to Modernity, 4 Credit Hours
ENG2011 Introduction to American Literature: 1865 to present, 4 Credit Hours
HIS1101 U.S. History I: Colonial to 1865, 4 Credit Hours
HIS1102 U.S. History II: 1865 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
HUM1001 History of Art through the Middle Ages, 4 Credit Hours
HUM1002 History of Art from the Middle Ages to Modern Times, 4 Credit Hours
HUM2101 World Civilization I: Prehistory to 1500 C.E., 4 Credit Hours
HUM2102 World Civilization II: 1500 to Present, 4 Credit Hours
PHI2301 Introduction to Philosophy, 4 Credit Hours
REL1001 World Religions, 4 Credit Hours
Social and Behavioral Sciences (choose one)
ECO2071 Principles of Microeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
ECO2072 Principles of Macroeconomics, 4 Credit Hours
POL2076 American Government, 4 Credit Hours
PSY1001 General Psychology, 4 Credit Hours
SOC1001 Introduction to Sociology, 4 Credit Hours
SOC2010 Social Problems, 4 Credit Hours
Area II Foundation Requirements: 8 Credits
BUS1038 Business Law I, 4 Credit Hours
BUS2038 Business Law II, 4 Credit Hours
Area III Major Requirements: 44 Credits
LGS1001 The Legal Field: Law and Ethics, 4 Credit Hours
LGS1004 Torts and Remedies, 4 Credit Hours
LGS1005 Legal Research and Writing I, 4 Credit Hours


LGS1006 Legal Research and Writing II, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2001 Civil Litigation, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2002 Family Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2003 Estate Planning and Probate, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2004 Criminal Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2007 Computers in the Legal Office, 4 Credit Hours
Electives (choose one)
LGS2005 Real Estate Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2008 Worker's Compensation Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2010 Bankruptcy Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2030 Administrative Law, 4 Credit Hours
LGS2099 Paralegal Externship, 4 Credit Hours

All students enrolling in the partially online program offered through the Savannah campus must document that at least four legal specialty courses comprising at least 16 quarter credit hours were completed in a traditional classroom format.

*The program requires that LGS1005 Legal Research and Writing I be completed in a traditional classroom format. The student can complete any other three (3) legal specialty courses in a traditional classroom format with the approval of the Program Director in consultation with the Registrar. The courses completed on campus in a traditional classroom format must be comparable to the legal specialty courses offered at South University.

Students in Savannah's partially online Legal Studies Program should contact their academic counselor for information on completing these requirements.

South University, Online Program Offerings may not be available to residents of all states.  Please contact an admissions representative for further information.