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For Kyla Snead, earning an Associate of Occupational Studies in Medical Assisting through South University’s online programs in 2022 was a big step in achieving her career goals.

“My dreams were always to be in the medical field, but when going into the medical field, you have to ease your way into it,” says Kyla. “Through the years, I have been working in customer service to better my communications skills and to better assist anyone. I knew that I had to start somewhere.” 

Now that she has her degree, Kyla has secured a medical assistant role in an ophthalmologist practice and she is excited about her career ahead. “I am very passionate when it comes to things that I love to do,” she says.

While Kyla started her degree at another university, she is glad to have transferred to South University. Here, she developed valuable medical assisting skills and gained experience with clinical and administrative tasks. She believes that the knowledge she gained has set her up well to succeed in the healthcare field. “South University prepared me for my career by giving me realistic goals and making the environment and studying real,” she says. “The faculty and staff were all amazing along the way and offered a lot of great advice that I will forever hold on too.”

Today, Kyla is proud of how far she has come and the adversity she has overcome. “Never give up your dream no matter who or what is getting in the way,” she offers as advice for others who are considering pursuing their educational and career aspirations. “South University is the best place to start and finish and to go back if you want to reach further goals in life.”

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