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Choosing to return to South University to complete your degree can be one of the best decisions you make. With our professional environment, experienced, supportive faculty, and academic standards, you get the triple threat of education that will truly prepare you to potentially take your career where you want it to go. Get the application process started with these helpful links, and contact an Admissions Representative at any time if you need help.

Readmission FAQ

Who is eligible for readmission?

Students seeking readmission after an absence of one year or longer, students who previously attended South University but have not attended during the 12 months immediately preceding readmission, who have not been enrolled for one year or longer may be readmitted without retesting for admission, but must apply for readmission and pay a readmission fee of $50.

How do I apply for readmissions?

Please start by complete the Request Information form.

What are the testing requirements for readmission?

A candidate for readmission must either demonstrate that they already meet the entrance test requirement for admission in effect at the time of readmission or retest to achieve that minimum entrance score. However, a student seeking readmission whose prior record indicates entrance scores below the current standard but who has attempted 36 or more credits, has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50, and has a completion rate of 65 percent of the hours attempted, will be readmitted on the basis of the previous enrollment and will not be required to submit new entrance test scores.

How soon could I return?

You can return the next starting term as long as you are academically eligible and have completed the financial aid process. You can apply for online courses at any time.

When should I submit my readmission application?

Applications for readmission should be submitted at least one month before the beginning of the quarter the student plans to return.

It’s been less than one year since I was enrolled at South University. Do I have to reapply?

Students seeking re-entry after an absence of less than a year, may resume their previous program curriculum, or if a curriculum change has occurred since their original start date, they may opt to move to the new program curriculum.

It’s been more than one year since I was enrolled at South University. Can I resume my previous curriculum?

Students seeking readmission after an absence of one year or longer must enroll in the new program curriculum.

Are there any exceptions to reapplication requirements?

Requests for exceptions to the program enrollment requirement may be submitted to the Dean of Academic Affairs and Operations for campus programs or Program Director for online programs.

How do I find out the status of my student loans?

You should contact your lender. If you do not know who your lender is, contact a Student Loan Advisor or Financial Aid Officer who assisted you when you last attended.

How do I find out if I have a balance due?

You should contact the Accounting Office at the school you last attended.

Will credits transfer to other locations?

The South University campus location where you desire to transfer would make that determination based on receiving and reviewing an official transcript from your former school.

Can I switch my program?

Yes. Discuss this decision with your Academic Advisor and/or the Departmental Director prior to changing your major/program.

How do I know if I am in good academic standing?

You can contact your Registrar and/or your Departmental Director.

Will all my credits earned still be valid?

It depends on when the credits were earned and other criteria. We recommend that you speak to your Academic Advisor and/or Departmental Director to review your academic record with you.

Can I transfer credits back to South University?

If you have attended another school or college since last attending South University, you should contact the Admissions Office at the South University location you wish to return to and they will explain the school policy on transfer of credits, post-matriculation.

Can I return if I was dismissed from school?

If you were dismissed from school and now desire to get back into school, you should speak to the Student Affairs Office at your school. They can assist you with the specific appeal procedures at that location. The University reserves the right to deny re-entry or readmission to any applicant who has an unacceptable academic or conduct record.

Are there any fees associated with returning?

There are no readmission fees if you are returning within one year from your last date of attendance. However, if you have been out of school for more than one year, you should contact the Admissions Office of your South University location to discuss any associated fees, admission criteria, and other pertinent admission information. Students with outstanding financial obligations to the University must make arrangements with the business office before they will be allowed to matriculate.