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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

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Professional Counseling. The South Way.

"I found myself liking the staff, and how it's family oriented. We have six or seven in the classroom and so I felt comfortable talking in front of everybody."

— Lisa Belton (Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, 2014)

Discover Lisa's experience at South University

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is the first step toward a rewarding career in psychology. Our well-rounded curriculum and initial training will qualify you for entry-level positions in this fascinating field. Subjects include psychological disorders, intrapersonal and interpersonal processes such as conformity, social perception, persuasion, group dynamics, and self-esteem, personality development, structure, dynamic assessment, and psychological adjustment.

A completed Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree will provide the knowledge necessary for a position in the field of psychology, including the major theories of psychology, the impact of cultural factors on the field, a proficiency in communication skills, an understanding of scientific methodology as well as of the connection between theory, concepts, research, and clinical application.

Areas of specialization include:

  • General Concentration
  • Behavioral Health Concentration
  • Experimental/Research Concentration

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