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    Under each main point, list sub-points or supporting information found during the research process. Creating this research paper outline can make writing a research paper much easier because you already know what you want to say and what order to say it in. ... Whatever you use, experiment with different search terms and filters to find the ...
  • Terms of Use - South University

    If any of these Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other Terms remain in full force and effect.
  • More Than a Century of Academic ... - South University

    The University’s commitment to excellence continued, and in 2014 SACSCOC reaffirmed South University’s accreditation for ten years with no recommendations. In 2015, the Austin campus moved from its temporary facilities into its permanent 42,000 square-foot campus, and a new learning site was opened in Orlando, Florida.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS or AS) Degree Programs

    Bryan Greenlee | AS, Physical Therapist Assistant, 2016. Bryan Greenlee found his way at South University and graduated in 2016. He was able to balance the demands of family life, education and pursuing his goals with an Associate of Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. Watch Brian talk about his physical therapy assistant experience.
  • Does Social Media Addiction Really Exist? - South University

    The term “social media addiction” is frequently seen in headlines and tossed around by television pundits. But society should not be so quick to attach the term “addiction” to social media activities, experts say.
  • Contact Us | South University

    Welcome to South University A school with a proud past and a promising future. Established in 1899, South University is a private, nonprofit institution with a long history of driving student success.
  • South University General Admission Requirements

    No final course grades; No transcript; NOTE: Students who do not provide proof of high school graduation within the 10-week period will not be responsible for any tuition and related fees. South University may grant exceptions to the 10-week period for unusual situations or circumstances.
  • Press Releases - South University

    Press Releases. Members of the media are invited to contact South University's Communications Department for assistance with a story or interview request. Media Resources. Media Contact: 888-597-7665 NOTE: South University communications contacts are only able to provide assistance for qualified members of the news media.
  • The Psychology Behind Gift-Giving - South University

    No matter the gift, people want to receive.” Psychologists aren’t the only ones who understand the mental and emotional benefits of gift-giving. The holiday season is also a big time for advertisers to tap into the feelings of consumers in an effort to get them to buy products.
  • Nursing BSN | South University, Virginia Beach

    Dr. Sarah Wills outlines the structure and opportunity that can be found in South University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. See Transcript » My name is Dr. Sarah Wills.