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June 01, 2009

Home is where the heart is

South University Newsroom

John Fulton
Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Management
Savannah Campus
Class of 2009

Twenty-year-old John Fulton hails from Manning, South Carolina, a small southern town not far from the banks of the Santee River. Family, friendship, Friday night football, and the annual Striped Bass Festival are some of staples the locals cherish.

“I love my hometown. It was a great place to grow up, and my parents taught me early on the great importance of being my own person and following my dreams. In a small town, peer pressure can be great, and that makes me all the more thankful that my parents taught me I always had a choice in my future.” John grew up with a mother who was a minister and a respiratory therapist and a father, serving as a sergeant major in the U.S. military.

“It can be hard leaving that familiar place we love, but in the big picture I realized the only way to see my goals become a reality was to get outside my comfort zone, and go do it.”

John chose South University for the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program. “As soon as I got here, I really felt like the courses suited my personality.” He quickly acclimated to the Savannah campus and to help work his way through school, became a resident assistant at the university’s student housing facility. “Living in Savannah is a completely different experience. It takes a lot of courage sometimes to try something you’ve never done before.”

As a resident assistant at South University’s largest campus, John admits that he loves encouraging young students who look to him for guidance while they are living and studying, sometimes far away from home.

“Being homesick is a common issue that many college students face, but I try to encourage others through my own experience. I’ve realized that I’m capable of achieving a lot more than I ever thought I could when I was back home.”

In addition to John’s work as a resident assistant, he is a full-time student, and continually sets high standards for himself, making the President’s List for exceptional scholarship.

John says he’s thankful he’ll always have a great home to go back to, but he can’t replace the experience and friendships at South University, “I feel like I’m an asset to the team here. People are always looking for someone to count on – and it makes me feel great that I can be that person.”  

John will no doubt carry that great management skill with him into the field of healthcare. He is slated to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in the fall of 2009, and he then plans to work towards his master’s degree at South University.