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April 19, 2010

Empathy Requires Imagination

Kimmy Watt
BBA, Healthcare Management
Class of 2009
College of Business
Savannah Campus

Kimmy Watt grew up in Atlanta, Ga., the fourth youngest of five siblings.

“One of my older sisters became a school teacher, and she, along with the rest of my family have always been a big inspiration for me to go as far as I can and do the best that I can in terms of my education.  Family support has always meant a lot to me.”

Watt attended South University in Savannah, Ga., where she earned a bachelor’s degree in health care management in 2009.  Since her graduation, Watt has successfully moved on to Dallas, Tx., where she is now pursuing a master’s of arts degree in public administration at Argosy University.

“Working my way through school, I’ve done a few odd jobs,” Watt laughs, “but I can safely say that because of my various work experiences, I’ve learned to hone my career objectives as well.”

Watt aims to work as an administrator at a women’s shelter after finishing her master’s degree in public administration. 

“Eventually, I want to manage a shelter and assist battered and homeless adults and children,” Watt shares. “I just think the industry could always use more people who care, and opening a hospice for adults and children is really one of my greatest dreams.”

As a student at South University, Watt supported herself by helping others.  In addition to working as a residential assistant in the university dormitories, she worked as a certified nurse assistant in a nursing home. 

When asked what inspiration has led her along her career path, Watt’s answer was simple and to the point, “I just always try to put myself in other people’s position.  How would I want to be treated, or how would I feel, if I were experiencing what that person has, or is, going through?”

According to Watt, a person can never really know a field until they’ve worked in it, a quality about her work she says she learned through her studies and mentorships with professors at South University.

“I’m so thankful for what I gained through studying at South University in Savannah.  I’m a much better communicator and administrator because of the program.  My work at South gave me the gift of knowing how to manage people and projects much more effectively,” Watt admits. 

Watt sees education as the cornerstone to success. To Watt, success really comes down to achieving the best results one person can for other people. 

“Sometimes, we underestimate, I think, how important is to enjoy our work first, and then, be equipped to use our talents and love to serve and help others. In every respect, South University for me was a perfect fit!”