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June 01, 2009

The Value of Listening

South University Newsroom

Laura Skrodski
Class of 2009
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Tampa Campus

One hot August Sunday Laura Skrodzki and her family went to church. “The air conditioning was out that Sunday and it was just awful! A small boy sitting in the row in front of us started to look shaky, like he was about to pass out.”

Laura’s mom, who was a licensed practical nurse, quickly stepped around the pew and started to help the child. “My mom has always been such an inspiration and hero in my life. I just remember being alarmed and being so proud of my mom for immediately and fearlessly responding to help the boy.  Then, I watched her calm down the boy’s mother.”

“I started my college career at the University of Florida in the pre-med program. Not far into the program, I decided the path to being a doctor wasn’t for me. Then, I had the opportunity to shadow a nurse practitioner for a day and that experience convinced me I needed to make a change to be happy. My love for nursing came instantly and, not only, fit my personality but also fit my lifestyle and goals for myself as a professional.”

Laura loves working with children as well as adult patients and wants to become a critical care nurse after graduation as she continues to work on her advanced nursing degrees at South University.  

“I like people, and sometimes taking time to listen to patients who are hurting can be just as valuable in their healing process as administering medicine. South University’s nursing program has taught me how to help patients, not only by addressing their medical issues, but also by taking an interest in their relationships and well-being outside the hospital. Patients are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children.”

Laura says she’s much more comfortable now career-wise. She’s confident nursing is the path she should stay on. She enjoys helping people analyze and cope with their problems, and she says she receives confirmation daily as she works and learns to make a difference in her patients’ lives.

“Nursing is really about teaching, and —I know personally— I never want to stop learning. I care about patients’ overall healthcare management and believe we can all learn how to change our lives for the better, as medical research advances and our personal awareness grows.”