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5 Ways Getting an MBA Online Can Benefit You

by South University
September 11, 2013

If you'd like to move up in your business career, take the next step and earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. From building your knowledge base to enhancing your management and leadership skills, getting an MBA can have many benefits, and at South University, our online MBA program is designed specifically for working professionals.

Moving up in your career

1. Job Security

When you get your MBA, you can feel more secure in your career and your competencies. By increasing your training, skill set and knowledge base, you increase your value to your current or future employer. With an MBA, you'll have greater mobility in your field and employers may be more apt to value your opinion, provide you with increasing responsibility and ensure that you stay within their organization.

2. Income Growth

This one goes hand-in-hand with our discussion above. When you increase your value to a company, that increase in value frequently coincides with a bump-up in salary. Employers will want to provide you with a reason to stay, right? Promotions or salary increases are two of the ways they may entice you to do so. While this may not always be the case, it is common in the overall job market. With an MBA, the doors to higher paid positions are more likely to be open to you, and you can reasonably expect to garner increased earning potential on the job market.

3. Applicable Skills

The competencies gained from obtaining an MBA are valuable in almost every industry. Business is embedded in all careers from healthcare to finance, and you can apply your valuable knowledge about how to conduct, maintain and drive a business to any passion or idea that inspires an organization. The beauty of an MBA lies in this--ensuring that no matter what your chosen industry, the knowledge gained from an MBA will benefit you and your career potential.

4. Networking

Engaging with your fellow students and instructors in your MBA program will allow you to grow your professional network. In an MBA program you'll find yourself surrounded by equally motivated, like-minded individuals who could prove to be valuable contacts as you further your career. Peer relationships now may lead to business relationships in the future. Additionally, faculty members have been in and around your industries of interest and are able to offer both guidance and professional contacts in their own right. 

5. Flexibility

Earning your MBA online gives you the freedom and flexibility to attend classes any time of the day or night. Now, earning your degree can fit into your busy personal and professional life, while still providing you with access to knowledgeable faculty, supportive staff and an active community of peers. 

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