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A Special Thank You to Nurses

by South University
May 7, 2012

By Guest Blogger

Jen Suehr
Content Manager at South University Online Programs

When I found out that Nurses Appreciation Week was coming up, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to express my appreciation for the nursing community in general, and for the nurses in the PICU at Children’s Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh in particular.

Two weeks after my son was born, he was admitted to Children’s Hospital of UPMC with serious viral pneumonia and a staph infection. We spent about 2.5 weeks in the PICU, 2 of which he was on a ventilator. As a new mom, this was a horrific experience for me. Would my son be ok? Why was this happening to us? All I wanted was a healthy baby boy.

In this situation, I probably would’ve completely lost my mind if it weren’t for the hospital’s wonderful nursing staff. We had a new nurse every twelve hours, and all of them helped considerably to put my mind at ease.

One nurse, in particular, stands out in my mind. The morning after my son was put on the ventilator, we had a nurse named Philip. I think he could see how stressed I was after what transpired the night before, and he took care to answer any questions I had and to reassure me that he had seen many patients much worse off than my son who ended up making a full recovery. We had Philip as a nurse three days in a row, and by the time he left, my son was well on his way to recovery.

I’m happy to report that my son is now in perfect health. As I look back on our ordeal and wonder how I survived, I can point to the wonderful nursing care my son received. While they did an excellent job tending to his needs, they also did everything they could to make me feel confident and positive about everything that happened.

Nurses shouldn’t ever underestimate their importance, and I am forever grateful to them.

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