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Achieving Work/Life/School Balance

by South University
May 31, 2011

In this day and age, it’s probably more difficult than ever to separate our work, school, and personal lives. Each facet of what we do is no more than a few mouse clicks away, and it’s become easier than ever to develop workaholic tendencies as a result. An article from entitled “Workaholics on Vacation? Not Likely” found that 34% of Americans don’t use all of their allotted vacation time and that 30% of workers feel work-related stress while on vacation.

In spite of the workaholic tendencies that many Americans have developed, the article argues for the importance of work/life balance. Workaholic employees often breed resentment, stress, and anxiety in their non-workaholic peers. The perception exists that since one is never far from access to work-related emails and tasks, they should be connected at all times in order to ensure their job security. However, a constant focus on work can often lead to burnout and the disintegration of personal relationships.

As an online student, it can also be easy to slip into this mode. You’re juggling not only work and family life, but you’re coursework as well. The best way to combat this issue is to compartmentalize your life. You complete your work responsibilities at work. You budget time to complete schoolwork, and you ensure that you leave enough time to spend with family and friends. The bottom line is that you need to be organized and mindful of where you spend your time.

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