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Faculty Member Kim Kuebler Plays Key Role in Upcoming Conference

by South University
February 24, 2015 This March, state and federal policymakers and public officials along with nurses, physicians, resea

This March, state and federal policymakers and public officials along with nurses, physicians, researchers, and other healthcare professionals from across the country will converge at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort to discuss one of the biggest issues in healthcare today—patients with multiple chronic conditions.

What Makes This a “Can’t Miss” Conference

Today, 7 out of 10 Americans in medical waiting rooms and 2 of 3 Medicare Beneficiaries have multiple chronic conditions (MCC)—conditions that have lasted longer than 6 months. The US spends 66% of healthcare resources on this patient population—making it the most expensive population, in addition to being the largest and the one with the most rapid growth. By 2030, 171 million Americans are expected to be living with MCC.

The Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions was created to discuss the way we, as healthcare providers and as a nation, care for these patients today and the way this will change in the coming months and years with the influence of the Affordable Care Act. With this population being a major focus of healthcare reform, the conference is an opportunity for professionals—and the general public—to discuss and explore today’s policies and their practical application to improving care for this important patient population.

A Schedule Packed with Interdisciplinary Expertise

Assistant Program Director and faculty member at South University, Online Programs’ College of Nursing and Public Health, Dr. Kim Kuebler, DNP, was the primary force behind developing this 3-day conference, which starts March 26. She will also be 1 of 5 presenters at the conference. “This goal of our conference is to inform attendees on the massive changes that are unfolding right now in the field of healthcare,” said Dr. Kuebler. “This October, taking care of chronically ill patients will be completely different than ever before.

In addition to her role at South University, Dr. Kuebler is an Adult Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Specialist in Oncology, an award-winning author, and the Director of the Multiple Chronic Condition Resource Center. She has worked with the World Health Organization in China and been appointed to The Michigan Governor’s Commission on End of Life Care and The US Department of Health and Human Services Medicare Evidence Advisory Committee.

Dr. Kuebler’s talk, which takes places on the morning of 3/27, is titled “Federal Overview of the Issues: Multiple Chronic Conditions and Self-Management” and will explore the ways in which healthcare policy has increased the importance of teaching patients to self-manage their conditions.

Other topics include:

  • The Effects from the Affordable Care Act on State Medicaid Reimbursement for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions | Director James K. Haveman, Jr.
  • Where Are We When It Comes to Managing the Care Needs of the Frail Elderly | Dr. Joanne Lynn
  • Patient Perspective in Drug Development: Whose Opinion Counts Anyway? | Dr Virna Dapic
  • The Institutes of Medicine Report on Dying in America | Judith R. Peres
  • Summation of the Affordable Care Act: Where Are We Now? | Dr. Joanne Lynn moderated by Dr. David O’Dell

Each presenter brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podium. Currently the Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, presenter James K. Haveman, Jr. was, in 2003, appointed by the White House as the Coalition Provisional Authority Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Health and served as Iraq’s Acting Minister of Health for three months. Another presenter, Dr. Joanne Lynn, MD was recently described by the American Medical Association as one of the most influential physicians in Washington, DC.

“It’s truly a multi-disciplinary conference. There will be physical therapists, doctors, behavioral health scientists and more—all sharing diverse ideas and perspectives from different disciplines,” said Dr. Kuebler.

Training the Trainer

On Saturday, March 28, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is partnering with the conference to offer an all day, complimentary train-the-trainer workshop. At this event, attendees will be taught AHRQ’s SHARE approach, a 5-step process for helping healthcare providers share the decision-making role with patients and their families.

The workshop will explain ways to use evidence-based, patient centered outcomes research (PCOR) to support the shared decision-making process. Attendees will then learn how to train their own colleagues to use this same approach.

Continuing education credits may be available.

Conference Registration and Details

Don’t miss this exciting networking and learning opportunity! For registration details (including student registration rates), continuing education information, and the full conference schedule, see


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