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Get to Know the Peer Ambassadors: Meet Teresa

by South University
August 20, 2012

Teresa Sams is a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation student in her fourth year at South University Online Programs. She has been a Peer Ambassador since December 2011. She was kind enough to answer some questions about her life and her experience at South University Online Programs.

Why did you decide to attend South University Online Programs?
My second divorce had just been finalized, so I decided to further my education online. Out of all the admissions counselors that called, Heather B. from South University Online Programs was the most helpful and encouraging. Heather made the admissions process so easy. She still calls me from time to time to see how I am doing. It's nice to know that someone really cares how your education is progressing.

What are some challenges you faced as a new student?
The two major challenges I have experienced as an online student are losing my internet connection and losing my electricity. In order to turn in assignments on time without an internet connection, I copy my assignments onto my flash drive and use the computers at the public library. If my electric goes out, I have backup files on my external hard drive and can work from the library. In addition, I set Microsoft Word to auto save my documents every minute. There is nothing worse than losing a five-page paper when you are on the last paragraph!

What are your favorite resources at South University Online Programs?
My favorite resource at South University Online Programs is Connections. I enjoy meeting new people who share similar interests. Since I enjoy connecting with family and friends on Facebook, I decided to check out Connections at South. I am so glad I did! I have joined some remarkable groups and have met some amazing people. In just three short years, I have become a member of the QEP Student Advisory Council, Innovative Network Committee, Peer Ambassadors, National Society for Collegiate Scholars, and president of the American Criminal Justice Association/Sigma Upsilon Omega. I never thought any of this could be possible for an older online college student like me.

What are your ultimate goals?
My educational goal is to obtain the necessary education and combine it with my life experiences to make the world a safer place as a criminal justice professional. In addition to my Bachelor’s degree, I am planning to obtain my Master’s degree in Cyber Crime and my Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. My career goal is to be a Digital Forensics Analyst and Criminal Profiler for the Department of Homeland Security.

Tell us what it’s like to be a Peer Ambassador – in what ways are you a good resource for new students?
I enjoy helping other students as a Peer Ambassador at South. I have been through three years of online classes so I am familiar with some issues new online students face. I may not have all the answers, but I am willing to find someone who can help new students with their questions and concerns.

Where can students find you?
You can find me at our upcoming New Student Meet & Greet on August 21st at 8pm ET. I’ll be there along with other PA’s answering questions and giving tips on how to succeed at South University Online Programs. This event is a great way for new students to become involved with the online community at South. Connections are an important part of the online college experience. You meet some incredible people who are there to help or just share your struggles. It helps online students feel a sense of camaraderie as part of a group rather than feeling disconnected and struggling through college all alone.

If you want to meet Teresa and the other Peer Ambassadors, join us August 21st at 8pm ET for the New Student Meet & Greet. Make sure to reserve your seat by registering now.

The information and opinions expressed herein represent the independent opinions and ideas of individual students attending South University Online Programs and do not represent the opinions or ideas of South University Online Programs.

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