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How to Fight Procrastination: Part Two

by South University
August 15, 2012

So far in this blog series, we encouraged you to avoid procrastination by breaking up large tasks and tracking your progress. Below, you’ll find two more tips to help start you off on the right foot.

  • Set a Schedule
    This seems pretty simple, but it really makes a difference. As a busy student, you probably only have a few hours a day that you can devote to your homework. Make sure to make the most of that time by filling in your schedule with all of your responsibilities. Make sure that when you set aside time for homework, you assign specific times for working on specific things rather than just writing in “Homework”. This will not only keep you focused but will help you visualize in black and white how much time you really have rather than assuming you have tons of time to get something completed. Schedules make you create and face your deadlines – don’t let them surprise you! Keep a schedule and you’ll know exactly what stands between you and your deadline.
  • Urgency – Do it Now!
    All right, so you’ve got your schedule down, but when it comes time to tackle the tasks at hand, you think “I could really spend this time (fill in the blank with anything besides what you should be doing).” Did you really need to organize your spices in alphabetical order instead of getting a head start on your last paper? Once you put off the task you were supposed to accomplish, you start the excuse game. You tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll have plenty of time to get this done while I’m working out or riding the bus or while I’m doing laundry. I’m great at multitasking!” You may very well be good at multitasking, but why would you add on extra stress to yourself later? Just do it now! Because, really, when else are you going to do it?

Face it: the time to stop procrastinating is now. Stay tuned for our final blog post in the series!

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