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Master's Degree in Nursing Courses and Overview

by South University
October 24, 2011

For nurses who want to move into the forefront of their field, be on the cutting edge of medical developments or become a mentor to other nurses; there’s a need to continue their education. Earning a master’s degree in nursing prepares the professional nurse for a greater leadership role amongst their peers. Although nurses with master’s degrees don’t command a greater salary in regular nursing positions; this degree is seen as a necessary stepping-stone on the way to promotion and greater responsibility.

The question naturally arises, “If I’m already a RN, what would I learn by going for my master’s degree?” Since the master’s program is for those who want to move into a greater leadership role, the classes offered are specially tailored for that goal. In other words, they are classes that give you the skills necessary to develop nursing programs and mentor other nurses.

As part of the master’s degree in nursing, you will study current healthcare issues, including multicultural educational needs, ethical decision-making strategies and the impact of your organization in the healthcare field. You’ll learn how to develop training curriculum for academic and clinical environments.

Your master’s degree will prepare you to be part of the leading edge in clinical healthcare practice. Utilize concepts from pathophysiology in nursing and manage other nurses in a department.

As a RN with a master’s degree, you’ll be trained in how to manage virtually any healthcare organization, such as home health care, hospital units, even work in research. A combination of health theory, application of nursing concepts and management techniques will make you a well-rounded healthcare professional, ready for any nursing challenge.

To be accepted as a candidate for your master’s degree in nursing, you should already have your BSN, or be about to receive it and hold a license as a RN.

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