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Strategies for Success Testimonial Videos

by South University
December 6, 2011

Remember when you started at South University Online Programs with your very first class, "Strategies for Success"? Maybe you felt excited, a little anxious, eager to learn.

Remember learning the ropes and figuring out the online learning environment through this introductory course? Maybe you picked up a trick or two or got a great piece of advice from a fellow classmate or teacher.

Whatever your experience was – we want to hear about it!

We’re looking for those tried and true "Strategies for Success" survivors to share their stories and tips to help our brand new students. Think back on all of the memories of that first class – what was exciting, what was challenging, and what helped you make it through. Tell us on video! Use your webcam, your cell phone camera, or even break out the camcorder – just make sure to keep it under 3 minutes!

Share your experience and encourage new students with your knowledge by submitting your video today!

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