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Health Science Student Spotlight: Jack Siegel

by South University
June 21, 2013

One of Jack Siegel’s proudest moments in school was the day he earned his Associate of Science in Allied Health Science from South University. Now, he’s on his way to earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Science by 2015 and has plans to pursue a master’s degree next.

Jack Siegel

At first, Jack wasn’t sure that returning to school was right for him, but he needed to find a way to overcome his financial difficulties and get his career headed in the right direction. He turned to South University for help. Today, he’s happy to say he made the right choice. 

“The online experience is less rigid, much more flexible, but still has the same level of instructors as you have on the regular college campus. And I like the ease of working at my own pace through assignments and at all hours of the day,” he says.

He decided to start with earning an associate’s degree. “My initial thought was actually to go for a bachelor’s degree, but it seemed too far-fetched,” he explains. Soon he realized that a bachelor’s degree wasn’t so far-fetched after all. “My Admissions Representative Marco DiNunno, Academic Counselor David Finer, and Finance Counselor Terhea Young convinced me to keep going. I would hit snags and start to think about giving up and it was always one of those three that gave me the push to keep me going.”

One of those snags was his algebra course. Jack again turned to his graduation team, admitting that math was never a subject he liked and that he was contemplating dropping out. With their support and encouragement along with help from the school’s tutoring service, Jack ended up doing well in the class.

“My advice for other students taking math classes is not to get stressed, but rather speak with your professors. They’re really wonderful and they do enjoy helping you learn,” he says, adding, “Please don’t give up on your classes. It’s too easy, and at the end it really is so rewarding.”

Today, Jack is proud of where he is and what he has accomplished. “I was apprehensive about taking online classes but now I am extremely confident and enjoy the learning process more than I ever did before,” he says.

If you had asked me to bet on whether I was going to go back to school and succeed, I would have never taken that bet when I first started,” he admits. “Now I want to go for my master’s degree once I get my bachelor’s. My confidence isn’t just in myself but in my university and my admissions representative, academic counselor, finance counselor, and my professors.”

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