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What to Expect as an Online Student at South University

by South University
August 7, 2018
a photo of an online student working at a computer.

As an online student at South University, you’ll receive both the online tools and the individualized support you need to help you realize your academic, personal, and professional goals. Learn more below about what you can expect as a member of our online student community.

1. The Campus Common will serve as your go-to resource.

When you take our online classes, much of what you’ll need will be found inside the Campus Common. The Campus Common is an easy-to-use online portal, packed full of resources that can support your academic and professional success and help you get connected to your fellow students. From here, you can

  • Log into your classes
  • Find your key contacts, including technical support
  • Catch up on school news and updates
  • Access academic and student support services
  • Join Connections to participate in online student groups
  • And so much more!

2. You’ll have a network of people to help you succeed.

From your first day at South University, we’re here to support you. Your Admissions Representative, Student Finance Counselor, and Academic Counselor will share valuable knowledge and guidance to help you with things like completing your online orientation, getting ready for your first class, selecting financial options that work for you, determining your course schedule, and creating a plan for time management.

In addition to asking your instructors questions in class, you’ll be able to engage our online tutors anytime for writing feedback or help understanding any challenging course material. You can also schedule in-person or phone consultations with certified counselors to work through any personal issues you may be experiencing.

3. You’ll interact frequently with your faculty and peers.

Our interactive online classroom and mobile app let you learn when and where you want and feature anytime access to your course content as well as lively discussion boards. In your classes, your instructors will provide personalized responses to your assignments and be available to answer questions via instant messaging, email, and phone.

You’ll also have access to Connections, an exclusive online social network for our students and faculty. Here, you can join student chapters of professional organizations as well as groups organized by other students or the Student Affairs team.

4. Our comprehensive academic resources will help you learn.

Even when you’re not logged into our online classroom, you’ll have a variety resources to help you grow. Within our Online Library, you’ll find 60+ databases and 50,000+ ebooks, video clips, images, and full-text dissertations. We also offer on-demand tutoring, subject-specific research guides, Virtual Library Workshops, and a number of online events to expand on your classroom learning.

5. We can help get you ready for the workplace.

We’re committed to preparing for what’s next after earning your degree. Within the Campus Common, you’ll discover a variety of career resources available at no extra charge, including career advice and tools for interview prep, finding job openings, and more. As you approach graduation, our career services professionals can also provide personalized guidance throughout your job search and application process—from cover letter and resume writing workshops through to helping you expand your professional network.

Ready to get started? Talk to an Admissions Representative at 1.888.444.3404 or request information today and we’ll be in touch soon.

by South University
August 7, 2018
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Attending School in the Summer: How to Stay Motivated

by South University
June 25, 2015

Summer is finally here! There are more days of beautiful weather now than not, and it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy it. The sun, which may have been elusive in the cold of winter and the rain of spring, is finally showing its pleasant face on a nearly daily basis. You can feel your mood improving, and you’re more energized than you’ve felt in ages. The issue is that, while the weather is fantastic, you still need to make sure you stay focused on work and school. So how do you do it? The go-to motivators such as good organizational skills and priority lists still apply, but there are some tactics for success that are unique to the summer months.

Soak up the Sun!
Sure, as an online student, you won’t be able to laze around in the sun day after day without doing any work, but you can find a balance between keeping your nose to the grindstone 24/7 and slacking off. If you have a laptop, you might consider completing some of your assignments outside. If working on your studies outdoors isn’t a possibility, schedule breaks that allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Even ten to fifteen minutes outside watering the plants or sitting out in the sun can make a difference to improve your mood and keep you motivated.

Bring Summer Inside
If you can’t get outside as frequently as you’d like, consider bringing some of the outdoors in. Pick some flowers and put them a vase at your workstation. Change your desktop background to show a picture from a previous family vacation to the beach. Keep your windows open to enjoy the warm, pleasant breeze.

Remember to Stay Focused
You’re earning your degree to learn more about something you love, improve your craft, or potentially land a better job. Always remember that you’re working hard with a goal in mind, and that you won’t be an online student for the rest of your life.

by South University
June 25, 2015
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Exciting Changes in Store for the Online Classroom

by South University Online Programs
March 23, 2015

We’re excited to announce a few exciting new changes that will make your online classroom an even better place to learn! Starting on Thursday, March 26, for the majority of classes, a new, more detailed course syllabus page will replace the existing readings and assignments page. This change will be implemented for all classes by Thursday, April 16.

This update will make it easier for you to access and print your course details and requirements, weekly assignments, readings, due dates, and evaluation requirements.

Why the change?

In the 2014 Noel Levitz survey, our students ranked having a clearly defined syllabus as one of the top five most important factors in their experience. Improving this aspect of the classroom addresses this student-defined priority, by providing one place for you to access all of your course information. We’re constantly striving to improve your student experience and we truly appreciate your feedback.

Feature overview

Print feature: You now have the option to print all page information from top to bottom, excluding the overview information.

Print feature

Course overview: The course overview information is now embedded directly within the Syllabus page and can be easily printed separate from the syllabus.

Grading scale: This page also includes a grading scale with corresponding grades for all point values. (Ex: 90-100 = A)

Assignment table

Weekly assignment table: All weekly assignments are now displayed in a table with due dates and point values.

Evaluation requirements: This section of the page sets expectations regarding the time you can expect to spend on instructional engagement (like lectures, presentation, and discussions) as well as on completing assignments, reading, and research.

Wondering if online learning is right for you? Watch our classroom demo!

At South University, Online Programs, we offer you the flexibility to make your degree program fit your lifestyle. We provide you with more than just an online classroom, as we strive to present you with a variety of interactive experiences and support services to enhance your learning process, including advising, tutoring, an active student community, and career services.

Request more information about South University, Online Programs today!

by South University Online Programs
March 23, 2015
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A Quickstart Guide to Forming Good Habits

by South University, Online Programs
November 18, 2014

The word habit often carries negative connotations, but a good habit is something worth developing. From finding a study routine that suits your personality to getting into a flow with household chores, tasks become easier when they are almost second nature. The benefits that come from things like a good exercise routine, diet regimen, or schedule for coursework are well worth the effort.

ReminderMaking Changes That Stick

Set a time frame of at least a month when looking to develop a habit, and re-evaluate after that time has passed. This is the conditioning phase, when you are getting used to doing something that you want to become a part of your everyday life.

Be consistent, and do your task on schedule. If it's the kind of thing you do every day, make sure to set aside enough time. If you are tackling it less frequently, it's even more important to strictly adhere to the schedule you have set for yourself.

Find a trigger and reminder. Use something as the impetus for your new behavior that will serve as the trigger. Additionally, something that is a simple reminder helps. Try anything from an app on your smartphone to a message from a friend who is committed to helping you develop your new habit.

Choose the right habits, and take them on for yourself. Don't set upon making changes because you think it's what others expect of you. Turn your successful habits into expressions of what you want to do to better yourself, your relationships or your career.

Trim the options. Essentially, this means narrowing your choices. Don't give yourself easy outs that allow you to pass on developing your habits. If you force yourself to get it done when it's hard, you'll do it almost automatically later. For example, don't give yourself multiple options for times to start studying. If it's possible, set a specific time and stick to it, so you'll be less likely to put it off.

Tracking Your Progress

Writing your goal down and checking that against how you are actually doing can serve as a great motivator. It doesn't matter how you track progress, just that you do so. Having a metric representing where you started, where you are now, and where you are going sets the stage for success.

Following a plan of attack increases the likelihood that your new behavior will transition into a full-blown habit. If the first couple of weeks seem difficult, remember the positives that come with sticking to the plan. If you are studying to get that degree or taking on a weight loss plan, it's the art of transforming the seemingly difficult into the seamless routine that will get you to where you want to be.

by South University, Online Programs
November 18, 2014
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Why Choose Online Learning

by South University, Online Programs
October 22, 2014

When it comes to advancing your career, broadening your skill set, or creating a specialty in a certain niche, online classes can provide the perfect platform for continuing your education. Adult learners face unique challenges in education, and one ideal way to remedy many of these obstacles is through online learning.

Man on computer

1. Increased Flexibility

Adults are more likely to encounter the challenge of balancing their studies with demanding work schedules. With online options, students don't have to inquire about changing their work hours or leaving early to attend lectures. Instead, they can focus on their classes at the times most convenient to them, thus establishing a less stressful environment and a timetable that is more conducive to learning. This reason alone is enough for many people to explore what the online environment has to offer.

2. No Commute

While traditional students often reside on or near campus, adult learners are typically established in an off-site residence. Rather than waste time sitting in heavy traffic to get from the office to a night class, consider the benefits of driving home, fixing a cup of hot tea and not having to face the drive back home after class is dismissed. The money you'll save on fuel also sweetens the deal.

3. Fewer Costly Books

As the cost of textbooks continues to rise, online learners have the opportunity to avoid incurring this large expense. Most online classes are supported with readily available materials accessible through your home computer. Instead of searching through a 500-page textbook for a specific entry (and lugging your books and materials across campus), students can simply open a PDF or e-book that specifically relates to the subject matter at hand -- one more way online learning provides students with unbeatable convenience.

4. More Interaction

One of the biggest concerns most people have about online education is the notion that there's less interaction available with the class instructor and fellow students. Luckily, this is a major misconception. While on-site classes do offer the opportunity to interact with others in-person, online classes can also provide enriching, one-on-one experiences. Campus classes often consist of a lecture and perhaps a brief question and answer session. With online formats, students are encouraged (and often required) to post feedback on lectures, readings and ideologies. Because everyone in the class gets to weigh in, the conversation is varied and diverse. The instructor also gets to receive input from every student individually. Plus, you can word your responses exactly as you want them, which beats the feeling of dread associated with holding your hand up in a crowded lecture hall.

5. Improved Technology Skills

Another common fear that adults have regarding online formats is the amount of technological know-how involved in the process. Have no fear -- instructors understand that students come to online learning with varied technology skills. Most assignments involve clicking on files, posting comments, and attaching documents. Instructors and technical support personnel are easily accessible through emails and phone calls to address any tech concerns you might have, thus alleviating unnecessary apprehension. As a bonus, you'll become more familiar and comfortable with technology as a whole. Adult learners will likely find that the overall benefits of online learning make exploring the growing range of classes and programs offered in this format well worth their time and consideration.

by South University, Online Programs
October 22, 2014
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