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10 Tips to Get the Most from LinkedIn

by South University
March 16, 2015

There’s a good chance you already have a LinkedIn profile, but are you getting the most from it? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 347 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

LinkedIn connections

If you’re not actively using the site to boost your professional presence, build a network and start looking for jobs, you’re missing out an incredible opportunity to get ahead. The site offers countless resources for students, to help you make a name for yourself while still in school. Use the 10 tips below to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

1. Choose an Appropriate Profile Photo: LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, so don’t upload a profile picture you wouldn’t want your (future) boss to see. Opt for a headshot of you alone, dressed in a professional manner. No party, vacation or group pictures belong on this site.

2. Write a Catchy Headline: Your headline appears right below your photo in search results, so write something memorable that says who you are and what type of opportunity you’re looking to find. For example, instead of writing “Nursing Student,” opt for “Nursing student looking for a pediatric care internship.”

3. Complete Your Profile: The more employers know about your educational background, the better! List South University as your current school and also include any other colleges or universities you’ve attended. Update your profile with the classes you’ve taken, notable projects you’ve completed, campus organizations you belong to and any past work experience you have.

4. Create a Dynamic Summary: The Summary section is your opportunity to speak to potential employers and tell them about your professional skills, experience and interests. Use this area to really sell yourself as a motivated candidate who is excited to get to work!

5. Update the Skills & Endorsements Section: Include as many relevant keywords and phrases as possible that describe your skills, experience and characteristics of the types of jobs you want. Not only do recruiters use this section to find qualified candidates to fill open positions, people can also endorse you for your existing abilities, which further boosts your credibility.

7. Make Connections: Often times it’s who you know that can help you find your dream job. Connect with your peers, former colleagues, family friends and anyone else you know on the site to start building your network.

8. Join Relevant Groups: Make your interest in your future profession clear by joining a few industry-relevant groups. Any you choose to join will be displayed in your profile for employers to see. Plus, this is a great way to start making industry connections and maybe even learn about job opportunities.

9. Share Status Updates: Get yourself on the radar of hiring managers by regularly sharing status updates on news, trends and other interesting information pertaining to your field of choice. If you’re currently reading a book, attending a conference or working on project relative to your future career path, let your network know!

10. Customize Your URL: Increase your appearance in search results by customizing your unique URL to match your name. For example, if your name is Jane Wilson, it would read

Want to learn more about LinkedIn? Attend the “Using LinkedIn and Social Media as Proper Professional/Personal Marketing Tools” webinar on 3/16/15, presented by South University, Online Programs instructor Cathy White. Visit the events calendar in the Campus Common to register!

by South University
March 16, 2015
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Join us for the Holiday Treasure Hunt!

by South University, Online Programs
December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays from all of us at South University! We wish each of you a joyful holiday season and a New Year full of happiness and success! As a present to our students, we're sponsoring the Holiday Treasure Hunt from December 26 to December 31, 2014.

Holiday treasure hunt logo

If you're a student at South University, Online Programs, jumpstart 2015 with this exciting scavenger hunt where you could earn some great prizes!

How to Participate:

December 26 - 31, 2014 ONLY!

1. Visit our Facebook page and find our Holiday Treasure Hunt status update to get the daily clue.

2. Follow the clue to find the daily keyword.

3. Once you find the keyword, return to Facebook and answer the question posted in our Holiday Treasure Hunt status update.

4. A panel of judges will review all answers and choose 4 winners--one for each day of the contest.

You'll have the chance to win one of four Chrome Books!

Read the official terms and conditions here.

Good luck!

by South University, Online Programs
December 22, 2014
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Twitter is More than Just a Fun Networking Service

by South University, Online Programs
July 11, 2014

By Guest Blogger, Ruth E. Roberman, Online Program Director for Mathematics

Do you have a Twitter account? Perhaps you follow your favorite baseball team, weather reporter, or newspaper, or maybe you use Twitter for your daily dose of cute puppy pictures. There are plenty of terrific sites that give you a quick blast of information and even a smile. Plus, you can read a lot of short tweets without writing or retweeting anything. However, have you also considered the career benefits of having a Twitter account? You never know what tweet might give you the next big idea for a paper, business, proposal, or job!

Twitter convo

As a way to really expand your Twitter feed each day, check out who you follow and see who they follow. Here are some ideas. Who do you recommend following?

Business and IT

Business Law Section of the ABA (@ABABusLaw)
Wall Street Journal Business News (@WSJbusiness)
Shark Tank (@ABCSharkTank)
Entrepreneur Wiki (@EntWiki)
Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz)
Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance)
Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag)

Health Sciences and Nursing

Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic)
Dr. Mehmet Oz (@DrOz)
Nurse Jobs (@Nursing_nursemp)
Nurses Association (@ANANursingWorld)
Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic)
American Cancer Society (@AmericanCancer)
NursingBuddy (@NursingBuddy)
Society for Science (@Society4Science)
RN Action (@RNAction)
Mental Health NIMH (@NIMHgov)

Legal and Criminal Justice

Above the Law (@atlblog)
American Bar Association (@ABAesq)
Legal Aid Service (@LegalAidService)
The National Law Journal (@TheNLJ)

Job Searching

Interview Success (@InterviewSuccess)
Yahoo Jobs (@YahooCareers)
Consider following companies you may be interested in working for some day.


South University (@SouthU)
South University, Online Programs (@SuCampusCommon)
Astro Pic Of The Day (@apod)
Popular Mechanics (@PopMech)
Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson)
Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency)
Quote Soup (@Quote_Soup)
Veterans Affairs (@DeptVetAffairs)
TED Talks (@TEDTalks)
Graphic Design Junction (@graphicdesignju)
My Modern Metropolis (@mymodernmet)

South University is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any social media site linked to this Web site. The links are provided for your information and convenience only. South University does not endorse, support or sponsor the content of any linked social media sites. If you access or use any third party sites linked to South University’s Web site, you do so at your own riskSouth University makes no representation or warranty that any other social media site is free from viruses, worms or other software that may have a destructive nature.

by South University, Online Programs
July 11, 2014
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3 Ways Students Should Be Using Twitter

by South University
September 25, 2013

When it comes to social media, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and know the ins and outs of every site. Take Twitter, for example. Maybe you’ve created an account and a user name (your Twitter handle), but you’re not sure what’s next. How can using Twitter benefit a professional adult like you? It might surprise you to learn that Twitter can be extremely helpful in networking, building your professional reputation, and even searching for the next step in your career.

Twitter convo

1. Connect with industry colleagues.

Find and follow established companies and professionals in your field and possibly in your city. Pay attention to what they’re tweeting and when you see something you like or agree with, retweet it. Even better, reply with your opinion included.

Based on someone’s tweets, you can also start a conversation about a shared interest. Ask their opinion on something or recommend articles or sites you think they’ll enjoy. Connecting with someone on Twitter can be an easy way to start a professional relationship!

2. Build your professional reputation.

Start by choosing a Twitter handle that sounds professional and writing a bio that speaks to who you are and where you are in your career. Your tweets should reinforce whatever this bio says. If you say you’re a working mom, dedicated nurse and lifelong learner, that’s what you should tweet about. (Follow us @SuCampusCommon to see what we’re tweeting about.) Find articles that talk about things like balancing your personal and professional life, the benefits of education, or new trends in nursing. Even better, give your own advice on this topic. Build credibility by showing that you’re aware of what’s going on around you and that you have something to contribute.

3. Search for Jobs.

Did you know that jobs are often posted on Twitter? Search using hashtags and keywords to find job postings in your area. Try searching #Jobs, #JobOpening, #ApplyNow, or search for a combination of those with your career field – something like #HealthcareJobs or #ITJobs. Searching “#HealthcareJobs” and “Atlanta,” for example would allow you to narrow your search even further.

In addition, if you’re interested in specific companies, many organizations have Twitter accounts dedicated to job openings. Follow these accounts to know right away whenever a job in your field opens up!

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by South University
September 25, 2013
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Facebook and its Social Impact

by South University
January 12, 2012

If you don't have a Facebook account, you're probably in the minority. In the past few years, thanks to social networks like Facebook, we’re able to cast a wider social net than ever before.

It used to be that once a person graduated from high school, they’d have to make an effort to keep track of fellow classmates via letters and phone calls. Now, we can connect with those old friends and quickly and easily share photos and news with them. Excited to announce your engagement or the birth of your first child? All you need to do is log in to Facebook to get the word out to your extended network of connections.

Of course, there are some that argue that while Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch, the connections are often superficial. In a recent New York Times article entitled “The Facebook Resisters,” several individuals who are not Facebook members are profiled. One remarked that they found that because of Facebook, they rarely called their friends to speak on the phone anymore. Another recounted an odd situation in which he was in an elevator with a friend of a friend, and, thanks to Facebook, he already knew everything about her, despite the fact that the two had never spoken to each other.

While the Facebook naysayers may be in the minority today, they certainly have some fair points. As we build our social connections, what purpose do they serve for us? Do we really feel connected to our “friends”? If someone sends you a friend request, what determines whether or not you’ll accept it?

In the case of the online student, Facebook can be an invaluable resource. It allows you to connect with fellow classmates from all over the country, share experiences, and provide each other with support. Social networking, whether via Facebook or some other medium, can provide a wonderful supplement to a student’s online learning experience.

While Facebook and other social networks are deeply ingrained in our everyday lives, most of us can remember a time when that wasn’t the case. How have our interactions with those we consider close to us evolved since those days? Provided that we are mindful of how we interact with one another online, we can find that our lives are actually enriched by the ease with which we are able to connect with each other today.

by South University
January 12, 2012
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