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3 Key Traits of Modern Doctor of Ministry Programs

by South University
September 6, 2016

The theological landscape is undergoing rapid, even revolutionary, change. Religious communities are increasingly diverse—not just in areas like gender and race, but also in beliefs and world viewpoints.

Just as the religious community has evolved, so have the options for developing your ministry skills. If you’ve ever considered earning your DMin, it’s time to take another look at your options for a degree in ministry.

1. Fully Online Ministry Programs

Technology now enables you to pursue your degree in ministry from anywhere with reliable internet. As a student, you can connect with DMin faculty and staff through web chats, online classroom, tools and phone calls, all without leaving your practice or your family. For example, at South University, online ministry program does not include any residency or on-campus requirements.

Further helping you to learn from anywhere are systems like Logos Bible Software. Logos offers users a vast, library of eBooks, articles, and educational resources accessible via their computers and mobile devices. Plus, everything in the Logos Bible system is searchable, making research faster than ever.

2. Intentional Diversity

Intentional diversity is another signpost of modern Doctor of Ministry programs. With denominational preference at an all-time low, your education can prepare you for a pluralistic society by bringing together individuals from across traditions to discuss, debate, and share perspectives in a safe, supportive environment. Ultimately, this experience can give you access to a diverse demographic likely to mimic the ministry context in which you will serve.

3. Multiple Entry Points - No MDiv Required

Historically, people looking for an advanced degree in ministry could only enter Doctor of Ministry (DMin) programs after earning a Master of Divinity (MDiv). The problem is that an MDiv program alone can take three years, with a DMin taking an additional two years of time and expense. Earning your DMin degree on this path could require five years of your life.

At South University, we have another way. Even if you start with a bachelor’s degree, you can earn your DMin at South University within three years, while building practical skills essential for effective ministry leadership. On the other hand, if you’re already working in the ministry and have a significant amount of coursework or related graduate degree, you may qualify for the Advanced Track in South University’s DMin program. Qualifying students can earn 56 credits worth of Advanced Standard Credit, leaving only 40 credits of ministry study to complete. This track cuts the time needed to earn a DMin by more than half.

Benefits of Earning Your Doctor of Ministry

Ready for the next step in your ministry career? Earning your DMin can equip you to serve and lead more effectively as:

  • Pastor, ministry staff member, and lay minister in local churches/parishes
  • Program staff leader in parachurch organizations
  • Chaplain and spiritual care coordinator in a variety of institutional settings
  • Program staff leader in nonprofit service agencies, community development, advocacy and justice ministries
  • Social entrepreneur pursuing business as mission, and commercial and industrial chaplaincy

Learn More About Pursing A Doctorate Degree in Ministry

At South University, Online Programs, you’ll find both the flexibility of fully online ministry program and educational pathways designed for those with and without a graduate degree. We welcome people of all affiliations, including those working internationally as missionaries or otherwise. Our DMin program is non-denominational and rooted in the Christian tradition. Learn more and request information today!

by South University
September 6, 2016
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10 Ways to Get to Know Your Classmates

by South University
May 19, 2015

Feeling a little isolated at school? Sure, you’re here to learn, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get to know your classmates and make some new friends.

Saying Hello to New ClassmatesUse these 10 tips to connect with your peers, whether you’re learning on campus or online.

1. Join a Club

South University has a number of student organizations, so make sure you get involved! For example, the Students of Occupational Therapy Association at South University, Tampa recently organized a clothing drive for Dress for Success Tampa and the Epsilon Phi chapter of Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc. at South University School of Pharmacy in Columbia, SC started their first annual School Supply Drive last year. Make new friends and get the chance to help a good cause! Online students can find organizations in Connections, an exclusive community for our students.

2. Attend Events Regularly

There’s always something going on at South University for both campus and online students. Take advantage of these opportunities as a way to spend more time with your classmates and really get to know them. Some of the recent events include the Annual Black History Soiree at South University, Savannah and the Spark Writing Group — Flash Fiction at South University, Online Programs. Check the calendar to see what’s coming up next!

3. Start a Study Group

Need to talk through some of your assignments? Gather a few of your classmates together for a study session. Discuss the material, quiz each other, and have a great time bonding. Online students, this is for you too! Platforms like ExamTime make it possible to hold a virtual study group.

4. Introduce Yourself to People in Class

Stop making a beeline for a seat in the empty back row as soon as you enter the classroom. Sit next to someone you’ve never met and introduce yourself. There’s a good chance many of your fellow students are also hoping to make some new friends. Online students will also find plenty of opportunities to have conversations in the online classroom and on Connections.

5. Reach Out to Classmates Online

Make a point to get to know your classmates by sending them an introductory email or befriending them on social media sites like Facebook. It takes a little extra effort to meet people when you’re not seeing them face-to-face, but it’s definitely worth your time.

6. Become a Tutor

Are you a top student in one of your classes? Don’t be shy! If so, share your knowledge with your classmates by offering to help those who are struggling a bit with the material. This is a great way to do something good and meet new people.

7. Study on Campus

Stop studying at home and get some work done at school! Every South University campus has a well-equipped library designed as a place for students to study.

8. Volunteer

South University is filled with believe in giving back. Students, faculty and staff from South University, Cleveland have participated in the Lifebanc Gift of Life fundraiser at the Blossom Music Center and students and staff from South University, Novi have volunteered with the group “Christmas in Action” to help improve housing conditions for some elderly residents in the area. Join the team at your location and meet like-minded people – there’s even an Online Volunteers club for online students!

9. Find a Mentor

Are you in a program with a few seasoned professionals you really admire? Ask one to be your mentor. There’s a good chance they’ll be honored to share their knowledge to help guide someone just starting their career like you.

10. Participate in Online Discussions

For online students, participating in these discussions is a requirement, but over time, you’ll find that this is also a great way to get to know your peers!

by South University
May 19, 2015
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Join us for the Holiday Treasure Hunt!

by South University, Online Programs
December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays from all of us at South University! We wish each of you a joyful holiday season and a New Year full of happiness and success! As a present to our students, we're sponsoring the Holiday Treasure Hunt from December 26 to December 31, 2014.

Holiday treasure hunt logo

If you're a student at South University, Online Programs, jumpstart 2015 with this exciting scavenger hunt where you could earn some great prizes!

How to Participate:

December 26 - 31, 2014 ONLY!

1. Visit our Facebook page and find our Holiday Treasure Hunt status update to get the daily clue.

2. Follow the clue to find the daily keyword.

3. Once you find the keyword, return to Facebook and answer the question posted in our Holiday Treasure Hunt status update.

4. A panel of judges will review all answers and choose 4 winners--one for each day of the contest.

You'll have the chance to win one of four Chrome Books!

Read the official terms and conditions here.

Good luck!

by South University, Online Programs
December 22, 2014
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How to Give Back to Your Community This Holiday Season

by South University
December 17, 2014

Volunteering, donating and passing good tidings on to others – these activities can be very easy to work into your day, and they can benefit you as well as your community. From creating important contacts for your career to boosting your self-esteem, giving back is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your community—or for yourself.

GivingWho Do You Want to Help?

Volunteering makes the most impact when you are emotionally involved with your cause. Do you want to help the homeless or the elderly? Maybe you feel called to help abandoned animals or wild animals that have been hurt? Pinpoint where your interests lie and then look for opportunities to help in those areas.

Why Do You Want to Volunteer?

Regardless of where or how you volunteer, you’ll be helping others in your area—and in doing so, you then help your community as a whole. So spend time thinking about other things you would like to accomplish. Would you like to get more professional experience? Would you like to meet new people or network with others in your field? Would you just like to raise your spirits during the holidays or make them easier for someone else?

Where Should You Look for Opportunities?

If you know whom you want to help, it can be fairly easy to find organizations serving that particular population in your community. If you’re having trouble, contact the United Way, the Chamber of Commerce or the Department of Human Services for help, or use an online service like. Contact the volunteer coordinator and ask if they need anyone to provide the help you’d like to offer. There’s no shame turning down an opportunity with one organization if you find a better fit elsewhere, because every role is suitable for someone.

Enjoy the Results

While few of us enjoy working just for work’s sake, putting effort into helping others pays you back in many ways. In areas with struggling communities, providing support can help to decrease crime rates or the impact of poverty. After volunteering, your feelings of connectedness, pride and happiness can increase--in addition to an increased confidence in your ability to complete certain tasks and to make a difference in the world around you. There are even professional benefits as well. For instance, while meeting people at an organization, you can make powerful networking contacts and the experience you gain can be used to perform better at work and be added to your resume.

This holiday season, we hope you consider volunteering. Perfect opportunities exist for anyone who wants to get involved, and It’s time that's never wasted!

by South University
December 17, 2014
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Students & Alumni Speak about Online Learning

by South University, Online Programs
July 10, 2014

Our students are always busy. Many have full-time jobs and family responsibilities—which is why they demand an online environment that’s flexible and that can work with their hectic schedules. It’s also why we designed our online degree programs to allow students to attend class and access their study materials any time of day from anywhere with internet access.


Hear more from our students and alumni about why they chose South University, Online Programs.

In Their Own Words

"The online courses at South University allowed me to receive my BSN and continue to work at the same time. I could log into my class at any time and from any where, when it was convenient for my schedule. Because of the easy access, convenience and availability of help when needed, I decided to return to South University, Online Programs to gain my MSN to become a Nurse Practitioner."
- Monica Peck, Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2012 graduate, Master of Science in Nursing student

"One of the main things that I enjoyed about attending South University, Online Programs was the flexible schedule it offered. I was able to start classes at my convenience without waiting a long period of time between breaks. At one point I had to take a three month break due to financial reasons, but I was able to immediately start back once I was ready."
- Joe Black, Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology, 2012 graduate

"The online experience is less rigid, much more flexible, but still has the same level of instructors as you have on the regular college campus. Plus, I like the ease of working at my own pace through assignments and at all hours of the day."
- Jack Siegel, Bachelor of Science in Health Science student

"I was working night shift at University Hospital, driving 65 miles one way to work, and raising 5 children, so I needed a program that allowed for flexibility in my busy schedule. Sitting in a brick and mortar school at a specified time for a few hours each week was not doable."
- Sandra Ross, Master of Science in Nursing, 2012 graduate

"I liked the convenience of taking classes online especially being a working mom and a military wife. My degrees have definitely opened up more job opportunities for me and I am very hopeful that once my family and I relocate with the military, my degrees from South University will continue to open up doors for me."
- Demetria Mills, Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, 2012 graduate

"I like the online environment because it is very convenient for students to work or attend to family and still earn their degree for future careers. The online classrooms are easy to navigate and the instructors are friendly and caring."
- Sherry Boyce, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management student

"The motivation for me to pursue my education with South University was the flexibility of the courses and the care that the staff took to make sure my every step and my overall direction were geared toward achieving my goals in life."
- Tanisha Jones, MBA in Healthcare Administration, 2012 graduate

Learn more about South University, Online Programs today!

by South University, Online Programs
July 10, 2014
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