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Alumni Spotlight: Sergio Ocampo

by South University
January 31, 2015

Sergio Ocampo, 2010 Graduate
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
South University, Online Programs

There is no typical day at the office for South University, Online Programs 2010 Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduate, Sergio Ocampo. 

Each day his job brings new challenges and opportunities to help others in the middle of a serious health crisis.

Ocampo is an emergency room charge nurse at Dignity Health/Community Hospital of San Bernardino, California where he manages the first line of treatment for patients seeking help in the ER. Ocampo lists the fast-paced demands he faces while he is in charge of the emergency department, including “facilitating the influx of patients, receiving ambulance in flux, and efficiently moving patients in and out of the department [while] providing the highest level of patient care.”

After his duties in the ER are finished, Ocampo says he then performs procedures on patients throughout the hospital where he inserts PICC/Central lines often needed for administering medications.

Ocampo already worked in healthcare before he graduated magna cum laude from South University. But he says what he learned while at South, has made a tremendous difference in how he feels about his work and his career.

“I considered myself a competent nurse, but after I received my BSN from South University, my confidence went through the roof, making me a valuable asset to my hospital and earning high respect from my colleagues and hospital administration,” he says.

Ocampo says he still hopes to earn his master’s and doctorate degrees, and aspires to one day be a faculty member at South University. And, he has advice for any future nurses who want to follow in his footsteps.

“Hang in there, take advantage of the faculty and strive to be the best of the best. It pays off!”

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3 Faculty Members in the News This Month

by South University
January 24, 2015
faculty news

At South University, our faculty members are a big part of who we are and how we make a difference in the lives of our students. This January, we’re excited to see our faculty members sharing their knowledge with the public.

See what these faculty members are being featured for below!

1. Tricia A. Howard, Faculty, South University, Savannah

Quoted in the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune this month, faculty member Tricia Howard discusses 5 health improvements you can make today, why you should consider the Mediterranean diet, and the importance of daily water intake on your health and looks. She reminds us “You have more control over your health than you think you do.”

2. Alan Harper, Faculty, South University, Virginia Beach

In 5 Financial Fitness Habits to Begin in the New Year, faculty member Alan Harper advises you on how to make a positive change to your finances in 2015.

3. Andrea Fetterman, Faculty, South University, Savannah

In 5 Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist, faculty member Andrea Fetterman discusses the ways you can utilize your pharmacist as an important source for health information.

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5 Ways to Better Manage Your Budget in the New Year

by South University
January 21, 2015
person working on budget

A new year is the perfect opportunity for a new outlook, and one of the best ways to begin the year ahead is with a solid plan for your finances. With some preparation and discipline, you can develop a budget, start saving for rainy days, and focus less on worrying and more on yourself, your studies and your bright future!

1. Track your spending

In order to make monetary changes, you must first be honest with yourself about your daily spending habits. A few purchased items here and there may not seem like much, but when you track every expenditure, you can see where your money is actually going -- and the process can be incredibly eye-opening. You simply can't fix what you aren't aware of and, while coming face to face with the reality of your spending may be difficult, it's a necessary step toward fixing it.

2. Pay yourself first

Consider your savings account to be one of the most important payments you make each month. Shop around for the highest-yielding interest rate available to you, and make a commitment to deposit a feasible amount into that account on a regular basis. You can even set up automatic payments to make the process simpler. Watching your money grow is a rewarding way to track your progress as well.

3. Cut unnecessary expenses

Sit down and thoroughly analyze your weekly, monthly and yearly bills. What things can you do without? Which costs can you potentially negotiate? Small bills like magazine subscriptions, gym memberships and extensive data plans for your cell phone may not seem like much, but when you cut these corners, you're essentially building your financial security and leaving more room in your budget to invest in your education and your long term future.

4. Take a tough stance on costly debt

Saving money or even taking on new students loans can feel impossible and overwhelming if you're already facing debt from your past. The first step toward creating adequate savings is typically eliminating any high-interest loans and credit card balances. Consider the snowball method for debt repayment, which consists of focusing on the smallest debt amount, paying it off fully and then applying that payment to the next lowest debt.

5. Halt emotional spending

For so many people, spending money is therapeutic. Whether that therapy consists of online shopping binges or constant thrifting or garage sale-ing, it's important to look at the root causes for your shopping indulgences. If you're an emotional spender, analyze which needs are being temporarily fulfilled by each shopping trip, and look to replace your spending tendencies with a safer, more substantial solution.

Creating a budget and living within its means is an excellent step in the right direction for the new year, and can put you in a better position for paying for your education. These changes require initial sacrifices and discipline, but the rewards it brings are certainly well worth it! For more financial tips and advices, visit iGrad by going to the My Finances page on the Campus Common.

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Get Ready for a New Online Experience!

by South University
January 19, 2015
new site on computer screen

We know the importance of convenience, of being able to find what you need, when you need it—and keeping everything all in one place. Our new website—which we’re proud to announce is up and running at—does just that, offering an improved experience for everyone from prospective students to our proud alumni!

The new site combines our previous campus and online sites—connecting and unifying a South University network that’s spread across the country. With this change, campus and online students and alumni can double their network of contacts—gaining access to more faculty, current students, alumni, and career resources than ever before!

Whether you’re researching and comparing schools or you just want to stay connected to what’s going on in our community, our new site allows you to:

  • Find what you need to know, fast— whether it’s about a campus or an online program
  • Easily explore our full program offering, financial aid and scholarship opportunities, flexible learning options at our campuses or online, and much more
  • Hear inspiring stories from like-minded students and alumni who are achieving their goals
  • Get the details about exciting school news and upcoming events
  • Use the site on all devices, from your laptop to your tablet or smart phone

Visit us today at!

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Announcing the Holiday Treasure Hunt Winners!

by South University, Online Programs
January 12, 2015

It’s what you’ve been waiting for – the time to name the winners of the Holiday Treasure Hunt is finally here! First, we’d like to thank all of the students who participated in the Holiday Treasure Hunt at South University from December 26 to 31, 2014! We had so many thoughtful submissions and it was hard to select the top four participants.

Holiday treasure hunt logo

Meet the Winners

A panel of judges carefully reviewed all answers and chose the 4 winners below. Congratulations to each of these students!

Debra Kincaid
Associate in Business Administration student
Winner of a Samsung Chromebook

Christine Davis
Bachelor of Science in Nursing student
Winner of a Samsung Chromebook

Elisabeth Jackman
Bachelor in Business Administration student
Winner of a Samsung Chromebook

Kelly Porrey
MBA in Healthcare Administration student
Winner of a Samsung Chromebook

Contest Rules

To participate, students had to visit our Facebook page and locate the daily clue. Then, students followed the clue to find the keyword. This year, to find all four keywords, participants needed to visit the Campus Common events calendar, our LinkedIn Page, the Career Resources page on the Campus Common and our Blog. After finding the daily keyword, students had to return to Facebook and use the keyword to answer the question posted in our daily status update.

Not sure if you got the keyword right every day? The answers are below!

12/26: Family
12/29: Goals
12/30: Education
12/31: Caption

Official contests rules are available here. Thanks again to everyone who played!

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