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5 Steps to Take after You Graduate

by South University, Online Programs
June 24, 2014

Getting to the end of a new degree and taking the stage to accept your honors takes a lot of hard work and effort, and you deserve to set some time aside to celebrate your accomplishment. However, as a recent graduate, it’s also the time to polish your professional appearance, so you can give yourself the best chance to put that new degree to good use.

Next Steps1: Establish a Professional Persona

Get a professional e-mail address. The cutesy, clever email address or the one featuring your nickname from high school should not be the one you use on resumes. You need a professional email account that includes your name -- without any frills -- in the address.

2: Safeguard Your Online Identity

Perform an Internet search on yourself and see what comes up. Look for anything objectionable, unprofessional, or otherwise disagreeable. If it’s your content, then remove it or reclassify it so it stays private. If it’s someone else’s content, ask them to remove it.

3: Make Your Smartphone a Career Resource

If you have a smartphone, start thinking about how you can be using it in your job search and professional career. Nancy Darling listed some excellent ideas in Psychology Today:

• Keep a PDF copy of your resume and your references on your phone.
• Use note-taking apps to capture job-hunting ideas and tasks.
• Take notes on any new professional contacts to help you remember who they are, what they can do for you, and what you can do for them.
• Enter the name and number of every organization you interview with, whether you have a specific person to maintain contact with or not.
• Update your recorded message to reflect the professional persona you want to project to possible employers.

Step 4: Master the Art of Professional Correspondence

If you haven’t learned how to write a professional letter or e-mail by now, then you need to learn quickly. If you have, then practice your skills until it becomes second nature. The ability to act polite and professional in person and over the phone is just as important. From the way you answer your phone to the subject line you choose for your email, one slip-up can cost you a job or an interview opportunity. Every correspondence should reflect the professional you want others to see you as.

Step 5: Keep in Touch with Your Colleagues & Allies

The professors, students, and employers who helped you get this far can also help you get closer to your goals. Keeping in touch with them will help you develop a network of professional allies that could last a lifetime. The easiest way to get started is to send a professional expression of your appreciation for the contributions they’ve already made to your life.

by South University, Online Programs
June 24, 2014
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Join us in Congratulating the 2014 Graduates!

by South University, Online Programs
June 18, 2014

South University faculty and staff are excited to congratulate our newest graduates, including the 700 South University graduates who will be in cap and gown in Savannah, Georgia, on June 28, 2014! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and the hard work you have put toward earning your degrees.

South University Class of 2014Watch Commencement live!

Maybe you aren’t able to make the trip to Savannah, or you have friends and family who can’t be there but who’d love to watch you graduate. Perhaps you’re just excited about the day when you’ll be the one graduating. No matter what the reason, you and your loved ones can now watch the South University Commencement live, starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, June 28, 2014!

Bookmark our Livestream page ( today, add the event to your calendar, or share this link with anyone who’d want to watch you on your big day!

COMING SOON: Our Livestream page will soon include video messages of congratulations from our graduation team members to our new graduates!

Celebrate with us on social.

Join the conversation by using #southgrad on the South University Facebook page and on Twitter. Congratulate our grads, share pictures in your cap and gown, tell us when you’ll be graduating, or post what graduation means to you!

Attending graduation? Here’s what you need to know.

All activities will be held at Savannah International Trade & Convention Center at 1 International Drive in Savannah, GA 31421.

We want to hear your success story! On June 26 and June 27, 2014, we’ll be filming Student Success Interviews at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center. To schedule your interview, contact

Chatham Ballroom
9:00 am Physician Assistant Hooding
11:00 am College of Nursing Hooding and Pinning
1:00 pm College of Business Hooding
3:00 pm School of Pharmacy Hooding

Oglethorpe Ballroom
10:00 am Professional Counseling Hooding
2:00 pm Criminal Justice Hooding

11:00 am: Check-In
12:30 pm: Line-Up
1:00 pm: Commencement Ceremony

*Stop by our Career Services booth on Friday or Saturday to meet with members of our Career Services Department!

Meet the Commencement speaker.

The 2014 South University Commencement speaker is State Representative Benjamin Luther Watson, M.D., who has has served in the Georgia House, District 166, since 2011. He received his MD from the Medical College of Georgia and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. He is a board member of SouthCoast Medical Group, LLC, and member of the Independent Physician Association, Georgia Medical Society, Medical Association of Georgia, and American Medical Association. He is currently Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at SouthCoast Medical Group and Chairman for the Department of Geriatrics at Memorial University Medical Center, both in Savannah, GA. He is also a Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at Mercer University in the School of Medicine.

Again, we congratulate the Class of 2014 and can’t wait to see what your future holds! Stay in touch by registering for South University’s Alumni Connections at today.

by South University, Online Programs
June 18, 2014
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Perfect Your Job Searching Skills

by South University, Online Programs
June 10, 2014

As a recent graduate, you've gained new knowledge, a new understanding, and new skills that you're eager to show off. Still, finding a job that will put your new degree to use takes time and effort. Improve your chances of landing your ideal job by perfecting the way you search, apply, interview, follow up and complete work on a day to day basis.


As you're searching

• Network to find the most appropriate positions for your new skills
• Search sites that specialize in the kind of work you are now trained to do, including professional associations and specialized job boards
• Apply to work for the organizations you admire most and the organizations they interact with

When you apply

• Tailor your resume to each position you apply for by using words that reflect the mission, culture and goals of the organization
• Individualize every cover letter to the unique circumstances of your application, including the reasons you are applying with the organization and how you found out about the position
• Research each opportunity thoroughly so you don’t waste time applying for jobs that aren’t right for you

Before you have an interview

• Practice often with as many different people as possible
• Rehearse your answers to difficult questions
• Acquire the right attire to present yourself at your professional best
• Bring extra copies of your resume and portfolio, if applicable
• Prepare before each interview by refreshing your understanding of the organization, the position, the challenges you may face and the contributions you can make if hired

After you've had an interview

• Individualize your correspondence to reflect your understanding of the organization, the position and the interview<
• Provide additional information or work samples promptly if requested
• Use the names and titles of people you meet during the interview whenever possible
• Proofread your correspondence for grammar, spelling, punctuation and professionalism

While you're working

• Keep track of the organizations you would like to work for in the future
• Record your achievements and the contributions you make in each new position or role with your new employer

By doing these things, you can find the right role for your future in even less time and put your hard-earned knowledge to work!

by South University, Online Programs
June 10, 2014
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Students & Alumni Speak about the South University Community

by South University, Online Programs
June 6, 2014

At South University, we pride ourselves on cultivating an engaging, supportive community in which every student can grow and thrive. Between admissions representatives, finance counselors, academic counselors, instructors and even classmates, our students always have someone to turn to when they need a helping hand. Although we have much to say about the important roles these people play, our students and alumni explain it best.


In the Words of Our Students & Alumni

The professors are caring and friendly; they went out of their way to assist students, and the tutoring center was always there to assist students with any course.
- Antonina Carollo, Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, 2012 Graduate

I created a bond with some of my classmates due to the fact we had multiple classes together. That bond helped with group projects, and made the class a little easier. You had a familiar person to share the same experience with.
- Shirmia Artis, Bachelor of Science in Health Science, 2012 Graduate

The instructors at South University, Online Programs are available to students via phone and internet to answer questions, solve problems, and discuss progress in classes. When contacting instructors, they are welcoming of questions and encouraging.
- Larissa Bair, Master of Science in Nursing, 2012 Graduate

The cohort I am in has been together since the beginning. We have been able to watch each other grow and evolve into wonderful beginner nurse educators. Throughout the entire program we have had wonderful, enlightening discussions.
- Keah Allen, Master of Science in Nursing, 2013 Graduate

The staff I’ve been blessed to have come onto my path have been so very genuine and authentic. They have listened to me and very respectfully have given me professional insight and helped set me up for success. They have worked hard and I know from the tone of their voices and the words they use that they are genuine about assisting me when I need it and offering supportive encouragement.
- Sherri Williams, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Current Student

South advisors, no matter what, are there for you to help you get through anything that is going on in life, not just in school.
- Sarah Hargis, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Current Student

There are people out there that I consider my friends and professional peers who I may never have met in person but have influenced a significant part of my professional career development, this includes faculty and students.
- Sandra Ross, Master of Science in Nursing, 2012 Graduate

What really impressed me was the staff and their willingness to understand life situations and the imperfections we all have and then work with each of us on an individual. From the beginning of the initial process of enrolling all the way down to graduation day, South University has been like an extended family. The motivation from the staff and the instructors are the reason for my success and will be as I further reach my goals in life. South University made me a stronger person and showed me that it is never too late in life to reach your dreams.
- LaKisha Silva, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, 2012 Graduate

Learn more about South University, Online Programs today!

by South University, Online Programs
June 6, 2014
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7 Steps to Perfecting a Presentation

by South University, Online Programs
June 3, 2014

If you’re like many, public speaking may be your biggest fear. Standing in front of a group can be nerve-wracking, whether it's in a company meeting room, a university classroom or at a professional conference. You may have a podium or desk to stand behind but that doesn't change the fact that all eyes in the room are focused on you.

PresentationHowever, presentations don't have to be frightening or even difficult with the proper tools. Many speakers have trusted methods to control their anxiety. With the right preparation and presentation, it's possible to leave the room feeling excited about your performance.

1. Establish a Goal

This one might seem obvious, but once you have a topic for your speech, make sure you understand what you want to achieve. Is your speech meant to inform your audience of something new? To persuade them to believe what you do? To challenge their way of thinking? To influence others to take action? Your goal should determine the content and layout of your speech.

2. Understand Your Audience

To get your ideas across properly, always cater your language and delivery for your audience. Understanding the audience and what they want in a presentation is the most important step toward achieving your goals.

3. Research Thoroughly

Knowing your topic is key to having confidence in your presentation. The research is also important to keep the conversation going after the presentation; the ability to answer questions on the topic can improve your audience's opinion of you and your speech. Anyone delivering information on a topic should strive to become an authority in that field.

4. Use Documentation

Whether in a paper or a presentation, documenting sources is always essential. The documentation can be mentioned in the presentation simply by prefacing statements with, "According to." Additionally, having a list of documented resources to hand out afterwards is sometimes required.

5. Have a Plan

Never entirely wing it or go off the cuff. If you can memorize the speech or your main points, that's fine -- but back up what you say with facts. Some presenters will use full sheets of paper while others prefer index cards. The medium for the speech will depend upon the presenter's confidence and the type of presentation to be delivered.

6. Rehearse

Whether you practice alone or among friends, it needs to be done. Go over the speech out loud to find any flaws. Look for places where you might trip or slow down and fix those areas. One of the most common mistakes in presentations is an overload of information. It’s natural to attempt to cram in a lot of information so that you don’t miss anything. Often, however, information gets lost and hurried past during a presentation, so watch for places where that might happen. For the most impact and least audience confusion, do your best to limit the scope of a speech.

7. Dress Up

You may not need to dig your full suit out your closet, but do make sure your appearance is clean and groomed. Being comfortable with your appearance will help boost confidence when you get in front of the room.

by South University, Online Programs
June 3, 2014
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