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South University announces the return of their men’s basketball team!

by South University
March 31, 2015

South University expects to assemble a men’s basketball team for the 2016 season and will compete as a Division III team within the Great South Athletic Conference. The former team, The South University Challengers, played their first season in 1983 and, although they only continued for five seasons, were ranked eighth in the country in 1987 by the National Junior College Athletic Association.

With excitement of the local Savannah Storm team growing, the university hopes to contribute to the excitement of the sport and looks forward to seeing the Challengers back on the court again!

The 1987-1988 Team

Interested in joining the team?

Try outs will begin in August 2015 and the university will look to have a head coach in place by the end of July. Any students looking to join the basketball team can inquire to!

by South University
March 31, 2015
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5 Things to Do with Your Tax Refund

by South University
March 27, 2015

April 15th is just around the corner, and if you haven’t filed your taxes with the IRS, it’s time to get started! If you’re one of the lucky ones who will receive a tax return this year, the sooner you submit your completed paperwork, the earlier you’ll receive that much-anticipated refund. In fact, according to the IRS, 9 out of 10 refunds are processed in just 21 days.

Still deciding what to do with your tax refund? It can be highly tempting to go on a shopping spree, but consider being a bit savvy with your funds this year. Five smart and responsible uses for your money include:

1. Use the money for your college tuition or student loans

Tax Return

As a college student, you’re either making tuition payments directly to the school or your student loans are footing the bill in the interim. Get one step ahead by using your tax refund to send an advance tuition or student loan payment. This is a great way to invest in your future, by getting one step closer to paying off your education.

2. Pay down credit card debt or other large payments

Have you racked up a bit of debt? If so, you’re probably paying a significant amount of money to keep up with mounting interest expenses. Making the minimum required payment each month ensures you’ll be paying off the balance for years to come. Combat your debt head-on by putting your tax refund toward settling or at least lowering your debt, and enjoy the feeling of improving your financial health!

3. Upgrade your computer for school

Have you been thinking about a new computer for a while now? Are you constantly struggling to work with a machine that seems to be on its last legs? Use your tax refund to purchase a computer that doesn’t make it difficult to complete your assignments. (Before you buy anything, ask what student discounts may be available!) You’ll be amazed at how much stress you can avoid just by having a device that functions properly.

4. Put the funds in a savings account or retirement fund

Saving for the future may not be the wildest way to spend your tax refund, but it’s certainly a wise choice. Use this opportunity to pad an existing savings account or retirement fund, or to open a new one. It’s never too early to start preparing for the future—or even for your kids’ future. Whether you’re saving up for a specific upcoming event or looking ahead to your golden years, you’ll appreciate having that savings available when you need it.

5. Save some and use a designated portion to treat yourself

There’s nothing wrong with spending some of your tax refund at the mall, on a vacation or in any other fun manner, as long as you’re smart about it. When you get your refund, send a certain amount to your savings account before allowing yourself to have fun with the rest. This way, you treat yourself without being tempted to spend the entire amount on a whim.

by South University
March 27, 2015
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Exciting Changes in Store for the Online Classroom

by South University Online Programs
March 23, 2015

We’re excited to announce a few exciting new changes that will make your online classroom an even better place to learn! Starting on Thursday, March 26, for the majority of classes, a new, more detailed course syllabus page will replace the existing readings and assignments page. This change will be implemented for all classes by Thursday, April 16.

This update will make it easier for you to access and print your course details and requirements, weekly assignments, readings, due dates, and evaluation requirements.

Why the change?

In the 2014 Noel Levitz survey, our students ranked having a clearly defined syllabus as one of the top five most important factors in their experience. Improving this aspect of the classroom addresses this student-defined priority, by providing one place for you to access all of your course information. We’re constantly striving to improve your student experience and we truly appreciate your feedback.

Feature overview

Print feature: You now have the option to print all page information from top to bottom, excluding the overview information.

Print feature

Course overview: The course overview information is now embedded directly within the Syllabus page and can be easily printed separate from the syllabus.

Grading scale: This page also includes a grading scale with corresponding grades for all point values. (Ex: 90-100 = A)

Assignment table

Weekly assignment table: All weekly assignments are now displayed in a table with due dates and point values.

Evaluation requirements: This section of the page sets expectations regarding the time you can expect to spend on instructional engagement (like lectures, presentation, and discussions) as well as on completing assignments, reading, and research.

Wondering if online learning is right for you? Watch our classroom demo!

At South University, Online Programs, we offer you the flexibility to make your degree program fit your lifestyle. We provide you with more than just an online classroom, as we strive to present you with a variety of interactive experiences and support services to enhance your learning process, including advising, tutoring, an active student community, and career services.

Request more information about South University, Online Programs today!

by South University Online Programs
March 23, 2015
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4 Ways Attending a Professional Conference Can Help You Get Ahead

by South University
March 19, 2015
Professional Conference

The Internet has changed the way we work, learn and connect, offering a variety of ways to find information, meet new people, collaborate and express ourselves. More and more schools and jobs offer telecommuting options, and social interaction has been forever changed by online social networking. However, there will always be value in connecting face-to-face – perhaps now more than ever before. Here are 4 potentially major ways attending professional conferences could benefit your career.

1. Meet Like-Minded Friends and Colleagues

While digital technology makes meeting lots of people easier than ever, many of these connections never go beyond the virtual world. There’s tremendous value in the face-to-face professional meeting; you can share a handshake, a smile, and valuable information with fellow travelers. Besides the obvious networking potential, there is a lot of information conveyed during in-person meetings – both verbal and non-verbal – and the professional conference helps to facilitate these human exchanges.

2. Renew Your Excitement about Your Field

Whether you are already working in your field or aspiring to, professional conferences can help with reconnecting or connecting more fully with your chosen industry and profession. Time spent in a classroom, behind a desk or in front of a computer can eventually make you feel disconnected from the field as a whole. Renew and refresh your passion for your work by being around industry leaders and peers.

3. Take the Pulse of Industry Trends

Professional conferences tend to draw in top speakers and feature the most compelling and eye-opening topics in the field. You can expect to learn much about current industry trends and the latest technical and thought-innovations. Learning the latest industry trends will invariably enhance your current knowledge base and keep you up to speed on what’s new and relevant.

4. Return to the Workplace with Valuable Learnings

Having more wisdom and tools to draw from can make you more valuable in the workplace. Hearing about industry trends and applying what you’ve learned to your own work can make you even more valuable in the workplace, ideally leading to higher job satisfaction and increased job security.


Learning new ideas and perspectives is enriching and stimulating, and a professional conference is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons! Later this month, South University’s own Kim Kuebler (faculty member at South University, Online Programs) will be presenting at The Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions. Nurses, healthcare professionals and students, why not take the opportunity to get out there and get inspired?

by South University
March 19, 2015
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Faculty Profile: Dr. Kim Kuebler, DNP

by South University
March 17, 2015

Dr. Kim Kuebler, DNP has a very impressive resume. The assistant program director and faculty member at South University, Online Programs’ College of Nursing and Public Health also serves as the founder and director of the Multiple Chronic Conditions Resource Center.

She is an adult nurse practitioner and clinical specialist in oncology from Emory University and received her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Vanderbilt University.

Additionally, Dr. Kuebler has held several prestigious state and federal appointments, including The Michigan Governor’s Commission on End of Life Care, two consecutive appointments to the US Department of Health and Human Services Medicare Evidence Advisory Committee and a grant review position at the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Awards. She also partnered with the World Health Organization in China on the integration of palliative care and studied with Macmillan Nurses in Oxford, England.

She has also achieved success in a variety of healthcare settings, including a successful independent adult primary care practice in Michigan and the creation of a self-management program for indigent patients with multiple chronic conditions in Savannah, GA.

Making a Difference at South University

Dr. Kuebler has been a faculty member at the South University since 2011, but she has involved with teaching since she became a nurse 32 years ago. In fact, she is currently working on her 8th textbook.

“I’m always looking to recognize what is needed in the field and to develop projects and resources to address what’s missing,” she said.

She enjoys helping nursing students challenge themselves to reach their full potential.

“I push the students hard, even if they don’t always like it,” Dr. Kuebler said. “For me, I love it when they have the ‘aha’ moment. Grad school programs can be a steep transition – they don’t expect the difficulty of that transition. So when I see them grasp a new idea or a concept, I just love it.”

As an educator, she recognizes the responsibility she has to prepare her students to provide the highest level of patient care.

“My job is to make sure the grad students have what they need to hit the ground running,” she said. “They need to understand how to use the resources that will support them in clinical practice. They need to see the importance of evidence-based guidelines in healthcare. From a clinical perspective, we [the faculty] work together to make sure those students have the resources and skills needed to promote optimal patient outcomes.”

Conference Frontrunner and Industry Expert

At the end of March, The Health Policy and Clinical Practice Conference for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions will take place, which was piloted by Dr. Kuebler. Health practitioners will convene in Savannah from March 26-28, 2015 to discuss the way patients with MCC are cared for and how this will change in the future with the onset of the Affordable Care Act.

“Policy changes everything. If they change policy one day, that’s going to change clinical practice the next day,” Kuebler said.

Dr. Kuebler is one of the five speakers scheduled to present at the conference. Her talk, which will be held on the morning of March 27, is titled “Federal Overview of the Issues: Multiple Chronic Conditions and Self-Management.” It will cover the ways that healthcare policy has increased the importance of teaching patients how to self-manage their conditions.


“The Information and opinions expressed herein represent the independent opinions and ideas of the faculty and/or staff and do not represent the opinions or ideas of South University.” 

by South University
March 17, 2015
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