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Education That Fits Your Life.

At South University, we know that many people view getting a higher education as a milestone in life. To help more people reach this accomplishment, South University offers a supportive faculty, a diverse community, and options for learning that best support your lifestyle. Let us help you achieve a brighter future.
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Focused, Flexible Programs

Each degree program at South University is designed to assist ambitious students to their potential by combining relevant coursework and applicable experience with a supportive faculty and professional environment. You'll receive a well-rounded education that will prepare you to be competitive in your chosen field while contributing to your community.

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The University for You

Since 1899, South University has committed to the professional, social, intellectual, and personal development of our diverse students by providing a faculty that lends professional experience to the learning experience, and a student body that shares the university's core values of integrity, excellence, service, innovation, and accountability.

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11 Campus Locations

Discover the benefits of an on-campus education at one of South University's 11 locations in Georgia, North & South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

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100% Online Programs

Earn your degree, completely online, on your schedule with South University. Choose from a diverse offering of programs across a variety of professional fields.
*Fully online programs can have a ground clinical or practicum experience.


What Our Alumni Are Saying


“Without South University, I would not have had the tools, courage or knowledge to become the man I am today.”


“The Clinical Mental Health program at South University was demanding, but it challenged me to be the best version of myself.”


“The faculty and staff are amazing, helpful, and want to see you succeed. Everyone I have ever encountered at both campuses I attended has always been willing to assist in any way possible.”


“Getting that degree made me feel really good. It’s my passion; healthcare is what I want to do.”