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Today, the online learning environment is a popular alternative for those without the time or desire to sit in a traditional classroom for hours on end. Now, the increased availability of ebooks (short for electronic books) has made online study even more convenient and affordable. Here are a few reasons why ebooks are becoming the educational standard for students. 

Ebooks can be delivered instantly.

You can download ebooks right when you need them. There's no need to worry about falling behind because a textbook is out of stock or hasn't arrived yet. {Plus, you can store your ebooks on your computer in one convenient spot, so that losing or forgetting your book somewhere is no longer an issue.

They're easily portable.

You don't have to worry about hefting around a full book bag or having huge texts cluttering up your desk. You can keep your class materials organized digitally, and access them with a number of devices. From a PC to a tablet to your cell phone, you can access your books on the go and on your own schedule.

Digital books accommodate more learning styles.

For students who thrive on watching video, looking at infographics or diagrams, or following along with a narrator, ebooks allow for a more enriching experience than plain text. In this way, they expand learning opportunities to students who may not have done as well using traditional materials.

The search feature is hard to beat.

All by itself, this one benefit makes ebooks the preferred format for many students. How many times have you scanned every page in a chapter looking for a quick answer? This functionality of ebooks makes them extremely convenient when it comes to studying and completing homework. Plus, you can bookmark pages and takes notes just like in a traditional textbook.

Affordability reigns supreme.

According to NBC, the average student spends $1200 annually just on books. Luckily, ebooks are substantially less expensive than traditional textbooks. It's true that with some ebooks, you may only have access to them for a limited time, but despite this, digital text books still offer tremendous savings. Some classes may even take advantage of electronic books that have been posted online for free.

Experience Online Learning at South University

We at South University work hard to make obtaining your goals a reality, and our online programs put a premium on affordability and convenience. In fact, many of our online classes utilize our Digital Bookshelf, which gives you all the required digital texts you'll need to complete your coursework—without the hassle and high cost of textbook purchasing.

Learn more about the student experience at South University, or request to speak with an admissions representative today.


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