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As the field of Nursing continues growing at an above average rate, the healthcare industry is constantly changing to adapt to the current needs of society. As a nurse, being a lifelong learner and staying educated on the latest trends can help you stay relevant and have a bigger impact in this rewarding field. With the right arsenal of skills, knowledge and experience, you can be prepared for any challenges you’ll encounter, whether working at a healthcare facility or privately with patients.

Healthcare Technology

Advancing Healthcare Technology

The field of healthcare is constantly introducing new technology and medical protocols. One increasingly popular technology is telemonitoring, which allows for doctors, patients and nurses to interact without ever having to be physically in the same room.

Many doctors already use this technology to assist them with making house calls or providing basic patient care, and it is now becoming a widely used tool among nurses, allowing them to examine and communicate with patients more conveniently and effectively—often without patients having to leave their homes. Telemonitoring is also used to schedule e-visit appointments with nurses and other available medical staff as necessary.

Focus on Improving Patient Experience

Bringing the focus back to quality of care and patient experience has become a vital goal for many in the healthcare industry. Many nurses are learning new forms of technology that can help. For example, it’s becoming common to index patient information into private clouds available on a network, so that the patient information is always available in a digital format for the medical staff as well as for the patient. Labs can then also be reviewed online along with a variety of patient stats to ensure improved efficiency when caring for patients. More programs are also being developed to focus on senior care.

Diversification of Nurses

The nursing field has diversified greatly within the past 20 years. In a field that was once predominantly female, there is now an ever-increasing percentage of males choosing nursing as a career path. In addition, with more nurses coming from such a variety of backgrounds and walks of life, nurses are better prepared to reach out to and serve the diverse communities in which they live.

Looking Forward

As the healthcare field continues to develop and advance into the future, there will undoubtedly continue to be global demand for knowledgeable and experienced nurses. If you have been considering pursuing your nursing career on a higher level, now is truly the best time to get involved. Start today by exploring our expansive Nursing program offering at South University.

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