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Whether you are going to college just out of high school or going back to school, you have most likely chosen a field of study. If not, consider criminal justice. With a criminal justice degree, you can enter many different professions, including the five professions listed below. South University offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees online in Criminal Justice.

If you choose the A.S. degree, you have the potential to gain insight into court, security, police and corrections operations. The associate degree gives you a great background to go into entry-level jobs or to form a foundation for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Choosing the B.S. degree in criminal justice gives you a program in one of the following fields:

  • Corrections
  • Juvenile justice
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Law enforcement
  • Cyber crime

You will also have the potential to learn how to handle the legal, social and technological challenges in the criminal justice field.

Some students prefer an accelerated curriculum. South University’s Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree provides an accelerated curriculum to quickly help you get into this high-demand field. As a student, you will have the potential to learn skills that will allow you to move into law enforcement, political jobs and legal jobs, such as a paralegal or judicial assistant.

Prosecutor: The criminal justice program at South University is a good basis for the advanced degrees it takes to be a prosecutor. If you want to work for the government in the legal profession, a prosecutor is a great position. You definitely won’t be bored with it as you’ll see different cases every day. Many prosecutors move on to a private defense practice.

Criminal Defense Attorney: If you don’t want to work for the government, you can use a criminal justice degree from a South University online program for a basis for the advanced schooling needed to become a criminal defense attorney. You have a lot of options if you become a criminal defense attorney. You can work for yourself, work for a small firm or go big. If you combine legal knowledge with investigative skills, you may even be able to solve mystery cases throughout your career.

Private Investigator: A private investigator may be used by many people for many different reasons. You may have to find a long lost friend or relative or you may be called upon to determine whether a spouse is being unfaithful. State or local governments may even call upon you to help solve a crime. Online programs such as South University’s criminal justice program helps you gain the knowledge needed to run a profitable and successful private investigation business.

Jail/Prison Guard: While you don’t necessarily need a degree for some jail or prison guard positions, a degree definitely helps get the position. It also gives you knowledge in the criminal justice system and puts you a step or two ahead of someone else vying for the same position.

Probation Officer: Being a probation officer is something else you may not need a degree for, depending on the state or county where you choose to work. If you do need a degree, then South University’s criminal justice online program will give you the knowledge you need as a probation officer, along with other professions in the legal and penal system.

Online Degrees: Even if you have no idea what you want to do “when you grow up,” you can’t go wrong with choosing a criminal justice degree from South University. The knowledge the degree imparts is very versatile and could be used as a basis for many advanced programs. If you know you want to work in the legal profession or penal profession, you can start the criminal justice degree and choose your profession later.