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For many students, taking online classes is simply more practical than driving to a campus and sitting in a classroom at a designated time. The convenience factor alone makes it a great option for those with strict schedules. As an online student you have the flexibility to decide when and where you attend class, but earning your degree still requires a significant amount of time and effort.

Education conceptWe’ve noticed that successful students often share certain traits. Do you also have these critical skills? Working to sharpen these qualities can help you succeed in online learning and beyond.

1. You are organized.

Staying organized is critical for success in any arena, and online learning is no exception. Missed assignments - in both academic and work life - can affect your advancement opportunities. However, technology can make it a bit easier to stay on schedule. Sync your calendar with school deadlines so it sends automatic reminders about projects and assignments. An up-to-date calendar is among the most useful organizational tools available to most online students.

2. You excel at time management.

Successful students prioritize their education. You can still complete your work in time to go out and have fun, but school comes first. Once you make the commitment to your education, it's crucial to take a hard look at your current schedule. Keep in mind, regardless of the format, every class requires a certain amount of in-class time and at-home study.

Careful time management is the foundation for staying on task and on schedule. Be prepared to miss out on some social activities, and plan for the ones you definitely do not want to miss. When you stay focused and committed to your program, you can reach graduation and experience the reward of earning your degree.

3. You aren’t afraid to ask for help.

Your classroom material will provide much of the academic information you need, but there will be times when you need extra help. There is no shame in asking, and, you will find no shortage of people at South University who want to help you. Your instructor offers a valuable resource for learning how to apply textbook knowledge to real life situations. You can also find on-demand tutoring in the Classroom, and don’t forget that the Online Librarian, Tech Support, Counseling Center staff, and your Academic Counselor are also here to help.

Never hesitate to ask questions of your instructor, your peers or anyone else. The more information you gather, the better you will do in and out of the classroom. There are no bad questions—except for the ones you never ask.

Become the Student You Want to Be

Getting organized, managing your study time and asking for help when you need it can pave the way for you to succeed. Prioritize these skills and you can join the ranks of successful alumni who have earned a degree from South University!