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Through his aspirations for a fair and equal life, Nelson Mandela turned adversity into opportunity. His leadership came unbiased toward religion, race or gender, and he inspired others to see the world for what it could be.

Each year, July 18, is a celebration of Mandela’s life. On Nelson Mandela International Day, take action as an agent for positive change and pledge 67 minutes of your time in honor of Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of service.

Create Your Action. Here are a few ways you can make an effort to transform the world:

  1. Participate: Volunteer in your community by cleaning up your local park, reading to the elderly at a nursing home or volunteering at a local food shelter. Unsure of where to start? Begin with the hands on network to see what options are available in your area.
  2. Organize: Gather your friends, family, or co-workers and organize a volunteer event for a cause you care about – Lead a clothing drive, food drive, or book drive for a local shelter or plan a community yard sale and donate the profits to a local charity.
  3. Act: Write a letter for change – Take action by finding a sensible improvement that could be made in your community and make an effort to change it for the better. Do you notice that there is too much garbage on the sidewalks in your community? Write a letter to your mayor stating why there should be more garbage cans in those areas.
  4. Sponsor: Become a sponsor for a walk/run – Through the late summer and fall, many non-profit organizations host competitive and non-competitive walk/run events. Check your local paper for events, sign up, start a team and organize a fundraiser in support of the non-profit organization.
  5. Lead: Create a study group with classmates – Coordinate with a few classmates a day and time that everyone can get together to discuss the class topics of the upcoming week. It’s a great way to gain leadership experience and to meet others who share common interests.
  6. Share: Tell others about your leadership and volunteer efforts – Share with the South University social community and the #MandelaDay community how you are leading as an agent for positive change in your family, your community, and your classroom.