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Whether for a job or college classes, many of us have found ourselves working from home quite a lot over the last year. Working from home can have many perks, but it comes with a few challenges as well. If you’re trying to find your work-from-home groove as a student or professional, here are some tips that are making life easier for our remote team members as well as the South University students who are learning online and in virtual classrooms.

1. Don’t wait to ask questions or request help.

If you were in an office or a college classroom, you’d probably ask a nearby colleague or classmate when you needed help or clarification. When you’re working remotely, you may be a bit more hesitant to reach out, but try to push through that feeling. The same people who would help you in person are still going to be there to help you online or over the phone! Of course, when you’re remote, knowing someone’s availability can be trickier, so if you need to schedule a meeting, you can help to simplify the scheduling process by clearly communicating your availability from the start.

2. Maintain regular hours and routines.

Working the same hours throughout the week can help you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Otherwise, if you’re not paying attention to the time, it’s easy to find yourself working much longer hours than you intended. Having a consistent routine will also help you to establish a sense of normalcy and make it easier to form good habits around when you start – and end – work.

3. Plan breaks throughout your day.

Your mind and body need time away from your computer screen. Take a full break for meals, and try to find time for some small breaks throughout the day – perhaps even an afternoon walk around the block. It can also be helpful to set a reminder or alarm every few hours to stand up and stretch, so that you don’t find yourself sitting still for hours on end. While taking more breaks may sound counterintuitive, it can actually help you feel refreshed and boost your productivity!

4. Set rules and boundaries for people in your home.

Give children and other housemates clear guidance and expectations on when you can be disturbed while you're doing work for your job or school. If you don’t set the record straight from the start, it’s easy for other people to assume that, because you’re home, you’re available. Also, being at home doesn’t mean you should expect to take on a bunch of additional housework. Getting your work done should still be your main focus!

5. Create a dedicated workspace where you can focus.

If possible, set up a clean, organized workspace where you can focus fully on work. (To avoid soreness and injury, make sure your workspace is ergonomically designed.) Do what you can to minimize distractions while working, such as putting a sign on the door and snoozing notifications on unimportant apps on your phone. To block out noise, consider using a white noise machine or finding a classical music playlist on YouTube or Spotify.

Wondering how you can fit school into your work-from-home routine? Call us at 855-884-2408 or request information to speak with an Admissions Representative about your career goals and how earning a degree could fit into your schedule.