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South University is committed to providing educational opportunities to those who wish to learn and grow, but we understand that not everyone who is interested in college feels ready to take on the challenge. At South University, Montgomery, our team is working to address that issue with a College Prep program – available at no cost – to help individuals improve their English, math, and study skills.

Originally created to reduce potential learning loss among high school students during the pandemic, the Montgomery College Prep program has grown into a program that can help anyone who would like assistance preparing for both college courses and college entrance and placement exams.

Within the program, each person receives a fully individualized experience. “We work with each student on a case-by-case basis,” explains Darnita Mincey, the College Prep program coordinator at South University, Montgomery. “They take a pretest on math as well as writing and reading, and we then create a plan for them that focuses on strengthening those skills that require attention.”

Ms. Mincey is one of the first people in the College Prep program who students meet. After assessing their pretest and getting a sense of the student’s personality and learning style, she pairs each student with a South University instructor who is a good fit for their needs. The student then works one-on-one with that instructor in a virtual online learning environment. Each student’s pathway through the program, including the lessons they complete and resources they receive, is driven by the results of their pretest. Even their schedules are customized based on what works for each student and instructor.

So far, nearly 50 students have completed the program since it began in June 2020. Ms. Mincey says not only has the program helped these students improve their test scores, it helped them boost their confidence and set them up for a journey of self-improvement. “The students learn how to let go of whatever anxiety they have around testing or learning. It creates a relationship where the students are aware of the skills and standards that they should be achieving. They are aware of where they are and we teach them how to progress to the next level of achievement.”

While South University, Montgomery is promoting the program to juniors and seniors in local high schools, anyone is welcome to join, from younger high school students to individuals with a high school diploma or GED who are interested in earning a degree. The program is available at no charge, regardless of where a student wants to attend college, and is entirely self-paced. At the end of their College Prep coursework, students take a post-test to evaluate their improvement as well as the ACCUPLACER College Entrance Exam.

“If you take your ACCUPLACER and you don’t like your results, or you want to work a little longer to improve your ACT scores, or even if you just need that after school enrichment, you’re more than welcome to stay in the program,” says Ms. Mincey.

The program also includes the chance to join interactive activities (such as an upcoming math bowl tournament) and to learn about career skills, scholarships, and financial aid. “One of the things we’re going to focus on over the summer is creating a career plan with the students,” says Ms. Mincey. “We’ll look at their college applications. We’ll teach them how to do resumes and how to look for enrollment information, and we’ll assist students with the FAFSA. There are so many different skills and so many different opportunities available to students if they enroll in College Prep.”

To learn more about the College Prep program and how to enroll, contact the South University, Montgomery Admissions Office at 866-242-2117.