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When Gustavo Arcia was considering a physical therapy assistant (PTA) career and shadowing PTAs, he met a graduate of South University who recommended the school. Gustavo looked into the Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant program offered at South University, West Palm Beach and decided to enroll.

Gustavo graduated in 2015, and today he describes attending South University as one of the best decisions he’s made. In fact, he’s since recommended the school to three other people who went on to graduate from the same program.

“They all had a wonderful experience,” shares Gustavo, who works as a PTA at Atlantic Rehabilitation Inc. “We’re all where we’re at in life because of South University. I’m truly grateful for the experience.”

Gustavo first learned about the physical therapy field a few years prior to deciding to pursue it as a career. At the time, he was playing collegiate baseball and injured his knee. “Going through the rehab process I really got exposed to the field and I instantly liked it. It’s special because I get to help people improve their lifestyle,” he says, before mentioning another perk of working as a PTA. “And I don’t have to wear a suit!”

At South University, Gustavo says he benefitted by interacting with a very knowledgeable group of instructors. “They’re not only preparing you for the boards but also teaching you real life techniques and scenarios that you will be exposed to when you’re out in the field,” he says. “All of the faculty really cared about your success. They were very supportive and helpful throughout the whole journey.”

While the PTA program required hard work, Gustavo looks back on the time fondly and is glad he stuck with it and completed the degree. For others considering earning their degree at South University, Gustavo advises, “Do it. You won’t regret it. You will get a whole school supporting you to reach your goals at a very high level.”

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