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South University, Savannah is excited to share that we’re joining forces with local universities to help aspiring pharmacists pursue their career goals! The traditional route taken by many to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been to first earn a bachelor’s degree in 4 years and then earn a doctorate degree in another 4 years for a combined 8 of year students. With our 3+3 programs, eligible students can earn a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in as little as 6 years!

So far, South University has teamed up with Savannah State University (SSU) and Georgia Southern University (GSU) to offer a 3+3 program for qualifying SSU and GSU students.

This program gives students the chance to spend 3 years at SSU or GSU followed by 3 years at South University to earn their bachelor’s and doctorate degrees. While in their undergraduate program, selected SSU or GSU students can receive mentorship from the South University Pharmacy team. All qualified students from these partner schools will be given the opportunity to interview with our School of Pharmacy.

Students accepted into South University will enter our accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy program, which provides 4 academic years of study consolidated into 3 calendar years. Credits from our PharmD program will also help to fulfill the remaining bachelor’s degree requirements for GSU and SSU students. As a result, our 3+3 program graduates will be able to enter the workforce in as few as 6 years.

“In what would normally be a biology major’s fourth year of undergraduate school, these students will start their first year of pharmacy school,” explains Teresa Shakespeare, Ph.D., SSU Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Biology. She adds, “The 3+3 Program expedites the degree pathway and gives the students early engagement in their career path, and mentorship for pharmacy school enrollment and workforce readiness.”

The team at GSU is likewise excited about the benefits for their students. “Georgia Southern has an established and proud record of preparing students to study pharmacy, with many of our students matriculating to our local pharmacy school, South University,” said Delana Gajdosik-Nivens, the College of Science and Mathematics Dean at GSU. “This new partnership makes the pathway to the undergraduate degree and the professional degree seamless and streamlined, saving students both time and money.”

According to Dean Arneson, the South University School of Pharmacy Dean, 3+3 Pharmacy students can look forward to strong faculty support throughout their PharmD didactic and clinical experiences as well as industry experiences among a network of South University Pharmacy students and alumni.

These 3+3 program partnerships have also opened the door for increased collaboration between these nearby academic institutions and South University, with opportunities for both faculty members and students from across the schools to work together on scholarly research projects.

About South University School of Pharmacy

At South University, our PharmD program prepares graduates to seek opportunities in their choice of pharmacy practice setting. Whether graduates are interested in community practice, hospital practice, residency training, the pharmaceutical industry or business, our most recent follow-up surveys show that at least 98% of our graduates are employed or in post-graduate education within 1 year of graduation.

Inside our School of Pharmacy, we offer a warm, welcoming learning environment, with personalized attention and support from faculty. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify, including institutional scholarships and grants.

Request more information today to speak with our School of Pharmacy admissions team!