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Luciane Timoteo

Luciane Timoteo (Luci for short) has always been interested in the healthcare field. In the small town where Luci grew up, a clinic operated by a nurse practitioner was an important part of the community. Inspired by her visits to the clinic, Luci began to develop an interest in nursing. 

“As the oldest child in my family, I decided early on that I wanted to be in a career that allowed me to professionally take care of others,” she shares. Today, Luci is making her childhood dreams come true as a 2022 graduate of South University’s online programs Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program with a specialization Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

Serving as a Perioperative Registered Nurse in a Florida hospital, Luci works closely with other providers to care for patients undergoing surgery or other invasive procedures. “Nursing allowed me to have a family and fulfill my professional goals,” she explains. While Luci has found lots of joy in her work as an RN, she felt driven to broaden her scope of practice and have a greater impact on her patients. 

After deciding she was ready to become a nurse practitioner, she began the process of finding the right family nurse practitioner program for her. “After researching colleges that provided online MSN-FNP programs, I selected South University because of the academic curriculum and the financial value that was offered,” she shares. “From the moment I spoke with my enrollment advisor, I knew I had found my academic home to obtain my FNP!”
Another important aspect in choosing South University was the flexibility the online program offered her as a mother. “South University has afforded me and my daughters the opportunity to incorporate my academic needs into our family demands,” says Luci. “Being able to complete this program online for the most part has allowed me to be a parent first and be available to those I love the most.”’

Through her online FNP courses and in-person clinical experiences, Luci developed the skills to treat patients and families throughout their lifespan. The program has prepared her to deliver leading edge healthcare, including providing health education and promoting positive health behaviors at all developmental stages. Along the way, her staff and instructors provided unwavering support and encouragement even when she faced personal difficulties and felt overwhelmed by juggling many different plates.

“I have developed a profound respect and admiration for my educators and those that work at South University to assure I get through the finish line,” she says. “Being a full time single parent made this journey challenging but never impossible. As long as the hope remains to cross the graduation finish line, the goals set will eventually be reached! The rewards will be so worth it!”

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