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Constance Terrell | Doctor of Pharmacy, 2016 | South University, Savannah

Constance Terrell is a 2016 graduate of the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at South University, Savannah. Learn how Constance became interested in the Doctor of Pharmacy program and how she plans on continuing her career in the pharmacy industry.

It all started when I got a job in undergrad working at a pharmacy as a technician, and I just fell in love with the guidance that you're able to give as a pharmacist to truly help people on a daily basis. My name is Constance Terrell. I am in the pharmacy program at South University, and I'm being awarded a doctorate degree in the practice of pharmacy. Well, starting on Monday [June 20th, 2016], I actually will start a pharmacy residency program in North Carolina. My hopes are to go on and complete a second-year residency, specializing in oncology. My first thoughts when I arrived to interview at South were the faculty was amazing, from the secretaries, to the teachers, to the dean, they all were very warm and friendly, and wanted to make sure that not only were you a right fit for South, but that South was a right fit for you.
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