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Tamiko Smith | MSN, Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner, 2016 | South University, Savannah

Tamiko Smith is a 2016 graduate of the Master of Science with a Specialization in Family Nurse Practitioner Program at South University, Savannah. Learn how Tamiko became interested in the Master of Science program and how her degree will help further her career in the Nursing field.

I kind of fell into nursing because I had a really bad accident and I was taken care of by a really caring nurse, and that's why I chose nursing. I am Tamiko Smith. I am in the Masters of Science in Nursing with the focus of Family Nurse Practitioner. I chose South because of its name and actually convenience. I had some people that were already in the program who worked with me and they highly recommended South. And after communicating with the staff, I was convinced. We were in a program that was considered a boot camp because we would come on the weekend and get the instructions that the campus student got in one week. For me, the program took about 18 months. My plans are I'm actually enrolled with South once again for the Doctor of Nursing Practice. I'm enrolled in the DNP right now. My favorite part of the program was when we interacted with other students in our advanced health assessment class. I've met a lot of people and I've interacted with a lot of instructors who are very knowledgeable.
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