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June 02, 2008

Searching for Strength

South University Newsroom

Aaneesa Davis
Graduate Nurse
University Community Hospital
Class of 2008
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Tampa Campus
Hometown: Tampa, Florida

“Since I was five-years-old, I wanted to be a physician,” says South University graduate Aaneesa Davis. “I used to gather my dolls, line them up and pretend they were sick because I wanted to take care of them. It made me feel good, even if it was just a game back then, to try to help them feel better.”

Now, the 23-year-old recent graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing carries the same wish of helping others. “I don’t think my goals today are much different from that little girl’s dreams, except that real life experience has given me the chance to work with real people – and by pursuing my degree through South University, I’ve discovered how much more I want to affect change in other people’s lives, even if sometimes it just means holding their hands through a tough time in life.”

Aaneesa grew up with her mom, sister, and brother in Tampa where she was a member of her cheerleading squad and track team in high school. In 2006, she lost her mom to a progressive, debilitating illness, a circumstance that Aaneesa acknowledges as one of the factors that fueled her decision to keep pursuing a nursing career. “I was very close to my mom. She was always there for me, all her life, with unfailing encouragement.”

Aaneesa was driven to graduate and is the first member of her immediate family to earn a college degree. “Choosing South University - Tampa has turned out to be a blessing in many ways. I was able to stay close to my family who mean a great deal to me. Likewise, I’m moving forward immediately. I didn’t have to wait another year to start my nursing career because I started the program at South University on time and within a few months, I started moving toward the goals I’d set.”

Beyond her studies, clinical rotations, and–now--working full-time as a Graduate Nurse at University Community Hospital on the orthopedic medical-surgical unit, Aaneesa enjoys singing, dancing, and teaching dance at the church she attends.