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December 21, 2011

An instinct to help

South University Newsroom

Christine Somers, PharmD
Class of Spring 2010
Doctor of Pharmacy
Savannah Campus
Employment:  Pharmacist at Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Rincon, Georgia

Although Christine Somers had worked as a pharmacy technician at Walgreen’s for nearly a decade, it wasn’t until she was accepted into a nursing program at a university in Florida that she realized she didn’t want to leave the pharmacy counter.

“Most of my family is in medicine in one way or another. I guess we have an instinct to help others,” says Somers. “I thought that nursing was my path, but when it came time to walk away, I couldn’t do it. So I started looking into pharmacy schools.”

Somers, who grew up near Cape Canaveral in Merritt Island, Florida, knew she loved the Savannah area. When she looked into South University’s School of Pharmacy, she liked what she found.

“I was a little older than students at most pharmacy schools, and I just wanted to get it all done, so South University’s accelerated program and intensity appealed to me. The School really prepares you for what you’ll be doing.”

Somers, who won a patient-counseling competition among her classmates when she was at South University, says that helping patients understand the drugs they are prescribed is one of her great joys.

“I love patient interaction. I love patients.”

Somers gets plenty of patient interaction now that she is once again working at Walgreen’s – though she is now known as Doctor Somers, of course. She loves her day-to-day work, but she also knew that she wanted to do more.

So when one of her favorite professors called her to ask if she would like to run for a position as a representative of the Georgia Pharmacy Association (GPhA), she jumped at the chance.

“I love teaching and educating other pharmacists about what’s going on in pharmacy practice,” she says. Somers is president of Region One of the GPhA. As region president, Somers hosts meetings, plans and promotes GPhA activities, and serves as an advocate for members’ concerns.

And when her two-year term as president ends, what’s next for Christine Somers? She can’t say, but it is certain that the instinct to help will propel her along the way.