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April 27, 2012

Welcoming the world

South University Newsroom

Fritzlade Narcisse
Class of Spring 2011
Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies
West Palm Beach Campus
Employment:  Owner, Narcisse Immigration Services

Helping immigrants adapt to America is nothing new to Fritzlade Narcisse. While Fritzlade was born in Florida, her parents came from Haiti, and Fritzlade would often serve as a translator for her mother and her mother’s friends. Then as a teenager, she worked as a receptionist at the Haitian Center for Family Services.

But it was not until she took a class in immigration law at South University’s West Palm Beach campus that she knew that she wanted to assist newcomers to the United States as a career.

“I always wanted to help people, and I always loved the law and immigration matters,” said Fritzlade. “When I took that immigration law class, I fell in love – I was hooked.”

She saw a need in her community, and she knew there was an opportunity to apply her education to help a larger community. Because of Fritzlade’s background and the fact that she speaks Haitian Creole fluently, some might suspect that she started her own business to specialize in Haitian or Caribbean immigration, but she said her business is much broader than that.

“I assist everyone, people from Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Panama – everywhere. I try to help people who come to the United States adapt, legally and personally.”

Narcisse Immigration Services prepares legal documents for those needing assistance with immigration matters, and Fritzlade has already hired an assistant after less than six months in business. She says more staff may be on the way soon.

The success of her business, which is located in Riviera Beach, has Fritzlade thinking back to her past. When she finished high school, South University seemed like a natural choice.

“I grew up here and I knew plenty of people who graduated from South University. I knew I wanted to go into a legal profession, and I knew the legal studies program was approved by the American Bar Association,” she recalled.

Now that she is a successful business owner, Fritzlade said she had no regrets.

“South University is well worth the investment. The professors are great – especially the legal studies professors, of course.”

Editor’s note:  The Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies programs at the Savannah, West Palm Beach, Montgomery, and Columbia campuses are approved by the American Bar Association, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654-7598 312.988.5522 800.285.2221.