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August 17, 2009

In a world of possibilities, don’t settle for second best!

“As a child, I loved the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, so I think somewhere inside me I’ve always had a passion for wanting to solve a crime,” Heather Martin laughs, “Nancy Drew was my favorite.  Here’s this young girl who fearlessly follows every crime solving clue.  Oh, and I was so inspired by the fact that Nancy’s father was a lawyer.”

Heather Martin has taken a lengthy journey to settle in Lake Worth, Florida, her current hometown.  A graduate of South University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Legal Studies and an Associates of Science degree in Paralegal Studies.

Born in Hong Kong, Heather and her twin sister were adopted.  They moved together to Upper Marlboro, Maryland when they were two.  As she reflects on her life journey, Heather recalls how her family, and growing up in the United States, has taught her much about the “American Dream.”

“My grandfather emigrated from Germany. He didn’t have a college education, but nonetheless he landed an entry-level job with the phone company.  Before long, he worked his way up the ranks, and made a very comfortable living to support my grandmother and the rest of his family.”

Heather’s life, too, moved her from across the seas to across the United States, and she’ll be the first to admit the road has not always been perfect. 

“I strongly believe in the idea ‘whenever one door closes, another one opens. Life circumstances may not turn around instantaneously, but I learned how to set goals. I’ve also learned that with a little dedication, I can achieve anything I set my mind to, I just have to believe it, and then, do it!”

Now, after completing her degrees at South University in West Palm Beach, she plans her next step to law school. Heather will attend Nova Southeastern University’s School of Law in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this fall.

As a student at South University, Heather has always considered herself an “overachiever” and one who just doesn’t like to settle for second best.  She earned her spot on the President’s List every quarter and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. 

“I loved my time at South University, and the university served me very well. Going back to school was a big decision for me, but I knew I had to do it.  I just felt like something was missing, and when I entered the Legal Studies program at West Palm Beach, I knew I was in the right place.” 

“My Legal Studies professors were amazing. They were energetic, they knew the law, and they clearly love to teach it! Learning had never before been so enjoyable to me. In addition, I knew I was on my way to getting more out of life and on my way to becoming lawyer.”