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September 03, 2018

Online Learning Allows Mother of Five to Pursue Her Goals

South University Newsroom

Jennifer D'Angelo has been working in patient care for 10 years, first as a nurse's aide and today as a medical assistant. She holds a CPR/Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certification and is a Certified Podiatric Medical Assistant (PMAC). In her current position at Alley Medical Center in Berwick, PA, Jennifer works in collaboration with physicians and nurses, helping to coordinate patient care by updating and maintaining health records. For the future, Jennifer has her sights set on becoming a physician assistant, but her current job is still something she's proud to do.

"I have the privilege of working closely with our veteran patients and assisting them in their healthcare needs," she explains.

Becoming a healthcare professional and caring for others has been Jennifer's passion since she was 17, when she lost her mother to a pulmonary embolism. Yet while her ambition and drive for this work has never wavered, Jennifer's path has not always been simple or straightforward. Throughout her life, Jennifer has faced and overcome a series of challenges.

"From losing my mother as a teenager to becoming a new mom at 18 and then a single mom at 21, I was continuously faced with barriers to my professional and educational goals," she says. "Nonetheless, I was determined to accomplish my goals and overcome all the odds."

To achieve her plans of advancing in the healthcare field, Jennifer knew she first needed to advance her education. Originally, she started pursuing a college degree at a local college, but she struggled to juggle work and school while raising two small children on her own. For the time being, Jennifer decided to put her education on hold.

By 2014, Jennifer had married, welcomed three more children, and was ready to continue her professional journey in healthcare, starting by earning a bachelor's degree. As a mother to five children, Jennifer began searching for an education with the convenience and flexibility to fit her busy schedule. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program at South University, Online Programs turned out to the be the perfect fit.

"I needed a program that would support my professional and academic goals in addition to understanding my family obligations. South University did that and so much more," she says. "South University and their compassionate staff and educators never stopped encouraging me to follow my dreams. From helping me with class schedule adjustments to providing financial aid services, they always assisted me in my time of need. There is not one thing I would change about this program."

After maintaining a 4.0 throughout her program and graduating with honors in 2018, Jennifer is now looking forward to pursuing a master's degree so that she can become a physician assistant and have an even greater impact in the field of healthcare. She says, "South University helped me accomplish my goals of completing my undergraduate degree in Health Science, successfully preparing me for entry into a PA program"