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September 01, 2014

Accelerated training for the growing healthcare industry

South University Newsroom

Lauren Elsberry
Expected graduation Fall 2012
Accelerated Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration
Accelerated Graduate Programs
Employment:  Nurse Manager, Kindred Hospital, Rome, Ga.

This is an exciting time for those in healthcare professions. With so much change and growth, employees with a business and healthcare background are able to enhance their skills and fill newly created positions in the industry.

This was the case for Lauren Elsberry, one of South University’s students currently working to earn her Accelerated Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration degree (AMBA-HCA).  Elsberry has been enrolled in the 12 month accelerated program since August 2011 and is already seeing career opportunities open up.

When she began the program, Elsberry was a Critical Care Staff Nurse at Kindred Hospital in Rome, Ga. She continued to work full time while enrolled in school and learned skills that would be a strong knowledge base for future advancement.  

In February 2012 Elsberry was promoted to Nurse Manager and finds herself with a new set of responsibilities. Although challenged by her new job, Elsberry feels confident in her skills.

"The classes I have taken in the AMBA program are relevant to my new position," said Lauren. "In Strategic Human Resource Management I learned how to look at staffing, resources and cost budgeting. In Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making I am forecasting and budgeting. Those are things I didn’t use in my old position but I need to know now."

Lauren had been out of school for a few years, and admits it took some adjusting once she was back in the classroom. She credits her professors with helping her to excel.

"My first professor was very good. She always responded to me and really knew the material. And my current professor, he is very good at taking hard material and making it relevant to our jobs."

Elsberry believes that her education put her ahead of the other applicants and made her resume stand out.

"I know my degree was something they looked at. South University has a good reputation; people have heard of it."

The program has also given Elsberry strengths beyond the classroom lessons.

"This program has helped make me better. It improved my time management. It improved my organization. I think because of its accelerated pace, it created those unexpected benefits."