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January 12, 2012

Hitting the career accelerator

South University Newsroom

Mike Davis
Class of 2011
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration
Savannah Campus
Employment:  Banking Officer & SunTrust At Work Representative, SunTrust Bank

In 2010, Mike Davis knew that he wanted to pursue an MBA degree to advance his career. But he also knew that he wanted to keep working at SunTrust Bank, where he was employed as a Financial Services Representative.

“On my first day of training at SunTrust, they instilled in us that, first and foremost, we must always do the right thing for our clients,” Mike says. “I’ve always enjoyed helping my clients and I was enthusiastic that my company’s values mirrored my own. I’ve worked in banking before, and believe me, being ‘client-first’ is not the culture everywhere.”

Mike knew where he wanted to work and what kind of MBA program he wanted: intense and fast-paced. The Accelerated MBA program at South University felt like a good fit, since he could earn his degree in just one year while still working full time. But what he did not know at the time was how relevant the program would be, and how quickly.

Midway through his MBA program, Mike found himself in a job interview to be a SunTrust At Work Representative for the Georgia Region. And he was delighted to discover that he was able to draw directly from his studies to answer some of the interview questions.

“It was a very competitive interview process, and I think the MBA program played a large part in making me relevant for this role.”

And now that he landed the job and finished the MBA program, Mike says it’s a great fit for him.

“Working with our business and commercial clients is just like working with our individual clients – you have to understand their challenges and goals if you want to help,” Mike says. “My graduate degree has given me a depth of understanding in business that allows me to really appreciate what we can add to our clients overall relationship and deliver on it.”

Mike supports the eastern half of the Georgia region for SunTrust Bank, and he says he loves being able to meet new people and learn about their businesses.

He enjoys the travel his job entails, but also the fact that he gets to come home most nights to his family. That is even more important since he and his wife now have a nine-month-old son, and since his wife is pursuing her own graduate degree – in the Accelerated MBA program at South University, of course.