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January 02, 2007

Never Say Never

South University Newsroom

Robyn Smith
PTA – Physical Therapy Assistant
Restore Therapy - Prattville, Alabama
Class of 2007, Associate of Science, PTA
Montgomery Campus
Hometown: Deatsville, Alabama

Robyn Smith loves working with the elderly every day. Ask her if she wanted to use her physical therapy assistant degree to work with geriatric patients though, and she quickly says “no.”

“I actually didn’t find this job it found me. I guess when God wants to put you somewhere that’s where you are going to go.”

Robyn was set on studying physical therapy in college after she suffered a back injury in high school and went through physical therapy during rehabilitation. She also wanted to remain close to home in Deatsville, Alabama, which is why she chose South University’s Montgomery campus.

“I had only heard good things about their PTA program and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

She credits the assistance and patience of professor Faith Berryman for helping her make it to graduation and passing her board exam in 2007. Shortly after graduation, Restore Therapy, a company that contracts out physical, speech and occupational therapists to skilled nursing facilities, contacted Robyn.

Robyn said it took a lot of prayer but she accepted the position as PTA in November 2007 and has loved it from the start. She teaches patients how to walk again as well as fall prevention and general strengthening skills.

“I find it very rewarding and emotional when a patient of mine who hasn’t walked in a while takes steps again. It makes going to work everyday worth it to know that I can help improve the quality of life for some of these people.”

Now ask her about her dream job.

“I am already in my dream job. I just didn’t know it was my dream job until I started working in it.”