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5 Professions that Deserve Our Thanks

by South University, Online Programs
November 25, 2014

You’re probably looking forward to Thanksgiving, a time to enjoy your annual traditions and share your appreciation for your friends and family. While it’s important to be thankful for those we care for and love dearly, remember to thank those in our broader community as well—professionals who make our world a better place to live and who care for the well-being of us all.

Giving thanksAlthough there are many professionals that deserve our appreciation, today, we express our thanks for those working in these fields:

1. Nursing & healthcare: Healthcare service providers, administrators, educators and managers do so much to keep our communities healthy. Whether they’re providing bedside care or keeping clinics running smoothly by ensuring supplies arrive in time and making sure regulations are followed, we have a lot for which to thank these individuals.

2. Public health: Public health professionals implement educational programs, conduct and analyze research to solve widespread health issues and introduce techniques for preventing illnesses and epidemics.

3. Psychology: While we may not know what our loved ones are going through when they profess fears we haven’t experienced ourselves, psychologists are there to lend an ear and offer treatment if necessary.

4. Criminal justice: Whether serving within law enforcement or correctional, government, or legal institutions, criminal justice professionals are concerned not only with helping individuals but also ensuring with our communities are safe places that operate smoothly.

5. Public Administration: This broad field includes those in governmental institutions as well as non-profit organizations who are concerned with giving a voice to the underserved and meeting the needs of the community. Many of these people work in administration, management, research, and teaching positions, advancing causes they are passionate about in the hopes of making a difference.

Thank you! These professionals surely deserve our thanks, for their roles in our society are critical to its functioning. We must support them too—which is why South University offers degree programs in these fields for people interested in enhancing their careers. If you’re considering pursuing one of these career paths, know that your contribution is valuable and necessary. If you’re already working towards fulfilling one of these roles, well, we have to say, thank you!

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