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5 Things You Might Not Know About South University - Online Programs

by SouthMarketing
March 8, 2011 So, you’re doing your research about going to school online at South University – maybe you’ve check

So, you’re doing your research about going to school online at South University – maybe you’ve checked out our degree programs, our faculty and our support services. Well, here I’d like to share 5 things you might not have learned in your internet travels:

1. South University isn’t named that way because our campuses are in the South

It would seem logical to think that way – in fact I had worked here for months before I learned that the school is actually named after John T. South, III! His family acquired what was then called Draughon's Junior College in 1974, but it didn’t take on the South University name until 1986.

2. We trace our tradition back more than 100 years

In 1899, Dr. John Draughon established Draughon's Practical Business College in Savannah, Georgia, which it would be called until the South family purchased it in 1974. This is a tradition we are very proud of – it’s something that has impressed me in my time here – we take it very seriously and hope that students are proud of it too.

3. More than 14,000 people attend South University online

That’s right, when you attend South University online you are part of a community of more than 14,000 students like yourself! And, combined with our campus locations, more than 30,000 people attend South University throughout the country – and the world!

4. In addition to our online degree programs, we have eight campus locations

Our first campus was established in 1899 in Savannah Georgia – and today we operate eight campus locations:

  • Savannah, GA
  • Columbia, SC
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Novi, MI
  • Richmond, VA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • West Palm Beach, FL

5. We have 23 online degree programs

People I talk to are always surprised to find out that we offer 23 online degree programs, including 8 master’s degree programs. So while you may have only checked out your primary area of interest, we offer 23 degree programs in everything from Criminal Justice to Healthcare Administration to Psychology, Information Technology, Business Administration, Accounting and a whole lot more.

In the immortal words of NBC, the more you know….

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