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Attending School in the Summer: How to Stay Motivated

by South University
June 20, 2011

Summer if finally here! There are more days of beautiful weather now than not, and it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy it. The sun, which may have been elusive in the cold of winter and the rain of spring, is finally showing its pleasant face on a nearly daily basis. You can feel your mood improving, and you’re more energized than you’ve felt in ages. The issue is that, while the weather is fantastic, you still need to make sure you stay focused on work and school. So how do you do it? The go-to motivators such as good organizational skills and priority lists still apply, but there are some tactics for success that are unique to the summer months.

Soak up the Sun!
Sure, as an online student, you won’t be able to laze around in the sun day after day without doing any work, but you can find a balance between keeping your nose to the grindstone 24/7 and slacking off. If you have a laptop, you might consider completing some of your assignments outside. If working on your studies outdoors isn’t a possibility, schedule breaks that allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Even ten to fifteen minutes outside watering the plants or sitting out in the sun can make a difference to improve your mood and keep you motivated.

Bring Summer Inside
If you can’t get outside as frequently as you’d like, consider bringing some of the outdoors in. Pick some flowers and put them a vase at your workstation. Change your desktop background to show a picture from a previous family vacation to the beach. Keep your windows open to enjoy the warm, pleasant breeze.

Remember to Stay Focused
You’re earning your degree to learn more about something you love, improve your craft, or potentially land a better job. Always remember that you’re working hard with a goal in mind, and that you won’t be an online student for the rest of your life.

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