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Back to School Part Three: Progressing Through Your Online Degree Program

by South University
August 3, 2012

In our first two blog posts in this Back to School Series, we discussed making the decision to go back to school and the steps you need to take before you enroll. Finally, we’ll cover some best practices as you progress through your online degree program.

  • Make Time to Study – One of the great things about going to school online is that you’re not required to participate at a prescribed date, time and location. You have the ability to log in and complete assignments when it best fits your schedule. You will still have to adhere to specific deadlines, but you have the flexibility to log in when you want, wherever you happen to be.
  • Build a Support System – In the online learning environment, you won’t have someone standing over your shoulder making sure you’re devoting the necessary time and energy to your work. This is why it’s important to have people in your life who support what you’re doing, whether it’s a fellow student, your spouse or a close friend. It’s helpful to have a cheerleader on your side that pushes you forward, someone with whom you can share your ideas.
  • Stay Organized! – You need to be cognizant of class start and end dates, due dates and the time it will take you to complete projects. The more organized you are, the better prepared you’ll be to stay on task.
  • Take Advantage of Student Services and Social Avenues – At South University, we have great resources for students like the online library, tutoring, and career services. They’re there at no additional cost to you, so take advantage of them! Also, be sure to participate in Connections, our exclusive social network, to connect with other students in your program. You can also join clubs and professional organizations there, and participate in one of South University's great contests!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Back to School series, and that you’ll take this opportunity to consider your own options for making a fresh start!

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