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Best Apps for Business Students

by South University, Online Programs
October 14, 2014

Students enrolled in business programs have unique needs for study and recreational apps. These days, it's no secret that your smart phone can be your best friend when it comes to note-taking, studying, staying on top of your finances and generally keeping you informed about the wider world of business. The following mobile apps are great tools for any business student.

Using appsEvernote

This app gives note-taking a modern touch. Capture websites, paragraphs, voice-recorded messages and more, and sort through them easily while studying. Evernote and LinkedIn are working together to replace the Card Munch application, allowing you to scan business cards and add new contacts to your LinkedIn profile.


Successful business students know that accounting and financial management are a huge part of their education. BillMinder offers an easy way to track your accounts. View your statements online, set reminders for payments and see all the data compiled in comprehensive charts. You can even sync your accounts with the rest of your household to keep everyone on track.

QFinance Dictionary

Need a little help to keep the financial jargon straight? QFinance Dictionary has compiled more than 9,000 international business, finance and commerce terms for quick reference and study.

Associated Press

The AP is always quick to report on new business, international, political and economic developments. Not only does the AP app make for good reading on the subway or on your lunch break, it will also help you keep in touch with the business world you'll be officially entering come internship or graduation.

Open Table

Whether you need a break from studying or you want to schedule lunch, brunch or dinners for networking purposes, Open Table has you covered. Choose the restaurant, make a reservation and off you go! Book ahead for the weekend or break up the weeklong tedium with a trip to your favorite sushi joint or steak house. Open Table offers the best way to make sure you can eat where and when you like, whether you're rubbing elbows with those in the industry or checking out of the business world for awhile.

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