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Bizarre Fad Diets and Exercises For Quick Weight Loss

by Jared Newnam
May 25, 2012 South Source looks at strange fad diets and exercises.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that eating healthy and exercising is hard work. That’s why many people turn to fad diets promising quick weight loss and often requiring minimal interruption to their daily lives.

There are too many fad diets out there to count, but here’s a list of some of the most outrageous ones:

  • Weight Loss Sunglasses: According to, blue is the least appetizing color for food, which serves as the motivation behind these blue-lensed sunglasses. If a person wants to lose weight, all they have to do is slip these sunglasses on to make the food in front of them appear much less enticing, consequently causing them to eat less. On a more scientific note, the site does mention that evidence suggests blue is the most relaxing color, and people are more likely to eat well if they’re relaxed.
  • Slim Rings: Toe rings are now more than a summer fashion accessory, according to A line of toe rings, called Slim Rings, claims to shed pounds by shifting the distribution of the body weight. Slim Rings have a small, downward sloping bump, which causes people to change the way they put pressure on their feet. It’s supposed to put stress on muscles that aren’t used as much, particularly helping people to lose weight in their stomach and inner thigh areas.
  • Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet: Those looking for quick weight loss results — and really who isn’t — can try the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet. Weight loss hopefuls swear off alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco for two days, and instead drink a specially formulized juice designed to detoxify the body. The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet claims to help participants lose up to 4.5% body weight in just two days. It’s recommended that dieters repeat this process at least once per month, though the site notes that many people use it once per week.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet: This is a seven-day diet plan designed to encourage quick weight loss. For the most part, dieters are only allowed to eat cabbage soup, fruits, and vegetables for one week. Weight loss hopefuls follow a seven-day plan, containing detailed instructions on what they’re allowed to eat each day. Warnings on the Cabbage Soup Diet website caution people to wait at least two weeks before repeating the diet, as its reduced calories and nutrition make it unhealthy to do two rounds consecutively.
  • The Grapefruit Diet: This diet is obviously centered on eating a lot of grapefruit and quick weight loss. Dieters eat half a grapefruit before each healthy, pre-planned meal, three times per day. To complete the diet, one must participate in this dining plan for 12 days, consuming no more than 800 calories per day, with the hope of losing up to 10 pounds. 

Fad Diets of the Past

Fad diets are nothing new; in fact they’ve been around for decades, just in different forms. Fab Sugar’s “1960s Diet and Exercise Fads — Diet and Fitness During the Mad Men Era,” details some of the crazy methods people once used in an attempt at quick weight loss:

  • Belt Massager: Not only did this device promise quick weight loss, it also made it sound so easy! If someone wanted to lose weight, all they had to do was strap a few belts around their problem areas, stand still, and let this contraption jiggle the fat away.
  • The Drinking Man’s Diet: This diet proposed eating manly low-carb foods, such as steak and lobster, paired with a cocktail, to lose weight. Dieters were instructed to consume no more than 60 carbs per day.
  • Trim Twist: People wanting to shed a few pounds could stand on a rotating board, which moved as they twisted their midsections. The Trim Twist promised to firm sagging muscles, reduce pudgy areas, burn calories, and stimulate circulation. All anyone wanting to lose weight had to do was use this contraption for a few spare minutes per day, and they were promised to see results.

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